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Thread: September 2021 Update

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    September 2021 Update

    Hot off the presses and now available!

    CSFBL Change log for Sep 22, 2021


    • Friendly URLs (almost) everywhere - no more '.asp' in the URLs.


    • A space has been added after player names in the play by play (this was so annoying and long overdue).
    • Final score is shown at the end of the play by play.


    • Setting Front Office Allocations on League Management page now works as expected.
    • Historic team names are now used for past seasons on the League Seasons page. Previously, the current team name was shown. (This will be done to more pages in the future.)
    • League Standings doesn't show an error for new leagues.
    • League Stats now shows correct single season stats. (Previously it was showing all seasons.)
    • League Stats now filters fielding stats by position correctly. (Previously it switched to viewing extended batting stats.)
    • You can now export the stats and team stats tables to Excel, CSV, or Text file.


    • Draft lists now show all position players in one table, rather than one table per position, making it easier to compare position players.
    • Sorting by rating now works correctly, based on actual rating, in draft lists.
    • You can now export tables on the draft list and stats pages to an Excel, CSV, or Text file. (Excel not included.)


    • You can now export the stats tables (season, playoffs, situational, splits) and game logs to Excel, CSV, or Text file.
    • Players who had a zero HOF score have been updated, and the root cause of the issue has been fixed.

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    Re: September 2021 Update

    A few small fixes and improvements today

    • General
      • Updated many of the stats pages (team, league, player) to show the historic team names rather than the current team names. This is ongoing, but a lot of places were updated today.
      • Vignette (full page/transitional) ads have been disabled.

    • Team Draft List
      • ‚ÄčFixed issues people were having setting draft lists.
      • Enabled proper sorting on the salary and draft order column.

    • Player Card
      • Drafted team now uses historic team name.


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