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Thread: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

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    its.... okay

    Thumbs up Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    Wanted to provide a place for our awesome community to provide any comments, feedback, etc, regarding the big announcement here:

    I am personally very excited about this. Brian developed an amazing game that we have all got to play for free for a long time, some over 20 years. Like many, I've gotten married, had a kid who is now a senior in HS, went back to school and completed my degree, etc all since playing CSFBL the past 18 years. This place has been an escape for many of us. It's second home. I can't thank Brian enough for this, from the bottom of my heart, it has meant so much having this place at different periods for me and I know others. Very glad he is going to continue to work with CSFBL. This is his brain child.

    This is dumb, however I wanted to acknowledge a few people who have helped along the way. There are many, I think these guys deserve mentions;

    Goalkeepr, xdude, realmwalker, chrisg, ricka, and others I'm forgetting - All very early volunteers that helped out us new users back in the early 2000s.
    Smittias - This guy... he has been fantastic building this community, engaging us, and promoting CSFBL to new users. He was key in the growth that occurred in the early 2010s.
    Redsfan - He helped keep the lights on for years. Volunteered a lot of his time to help CSFBL during a time when it was greatly needed.
    Vashon - Instrumental in working with Smittias to bring us all the amazing site wide stats we loved. Built tools for us all to use. As well as mentor leagues, and many of the league options we have today.
    Pimp and BengalHockey - Two early community managers that put in the work, I appreciate them both greatly.
    G Sparks, Balmers, Luke - Our current community managers who volunteer their time. Many of you know them from the mentor leagues. They are awesome sharing their knowledge with others.
    Andujar - Sounding board for a long time. Awesome asset we've had in the background.
    Everyone who contributed to the current help pages - This was a significant undertaking that many helped in!

    There are other developers I am forgetting. Thank you everyone who has spent time working on CSFBL. Time to take the next step!
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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    I’m am super excited to see where this goes. This community and this game has been amazing for me over the years for entertainment to personal life improvement to coping with whatever life throws at me.

    Good luck to the team at making an already great thing even better!

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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    Woooo, zubaz knows my name! This is great to hear about the new direction, im excited
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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    Very exciting news! I’ve played the game for quite a long time and I look forward to seeing the game progress to the next level and beyond. I think the team in place is the right mix of people to make it successful. Congrats to all involved

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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    I started around this time in 2001, and this is the biggest news since v4.0. Absolutely incredible.

    When's the next csfbl picnic?
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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    This is amazing news!

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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    Even if nothing changes from where it is now I will always play. If things are added/improved then great, and I look forward to seeing what comes.
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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    Congratulations to everyone! The game has been a unifying link for me for years - I’ve met many players around the country at different times because of this game, and the relationships that I’ve developed are remarkable.

    There will always be other games and sites to attract our attention, but it’s the community that will ultimately keep you at any of them.

    These guys are the best there are. The future is indeed bright!

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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    Can't wait
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    Re: Comments / Discussion regarding Zubaz, Brian, and CSFBL

    Whit here, changed my screen name. Been here for over 20 years. Boy was a baby when I first started , now he's gonna be drinking age in November.

    Anyways, this is HUGE news! ZubaZ even if we flung words in the forums before, it was kinda fun now that I look back on it ! Just wanted to say that I am happy that the game is going to get a surge of Brian Demarro full time and it seems you two will make this game take off to heights unseen and be what it had the potential to be for a long time coming now that you two have teamed up together.

    If ya ever start hiring , put me on the short-list. My night custodian job for a union elementary school is mandating that we be vaccinated and or do testing weekly is certainly making me want to start looking elsewhere.

    Hope you both make the game reach new heights and am excited about the future of csfbl.


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