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    2136 Season

    Hey everybody a couple of things to mention....

    Firstly I realised Atlanta won fewer than 50 games last season. The league guidelines state there is a 50 win minimum here and that a violation will incur a 3 spot draft penalty.
    I hate enforcing such rules but at the same time they are there for a reason.
    I have decided to suspend the punishment and have informed Boomerny that on this occasion I will overlook this, BUT that if it occurs again from him it will be enforced ON TOP of the penalty for a further violation and that the penalty will be SIX spots in the following seasons draft.
    I consider this a fair compromise and deterrent on it happening again.

    Two clubs have too many LM's and that will cause an issue when the draft takes place, so a request has been made to those managers to reduce the number ASAP.

    Finally I noticed today the league has returned to being Top Tier!
    I was happy to see that after a prolonged period of the league having a number of vacancies and low activity.

    Good luck to all in the coming season!

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    Re: 2136 Season

    New in Miami i made couple of FA Signings to field decent SSs and CFs.
    The team itself looks relative good, with couple of big bats but also not the best Bullpen.
    I believe the Team is slightly stronger then last season but more of a midfieldteam.
    So i donĀ“t threw out big targets and just want to learn this season more about the strenght of all teams.
    Finally i wish you all a great season.

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    Re: 2136 Season

    The Rockies are in Year 12 of our five-year rebuilding plan.

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    Re: 2136 Season

    Not expecting much from my lot this year.
    We have pushed hard for a number of seasons and were division champs loads but only picked up one WS to show for the strength we had.
    Now pitchers are old and I can see us being a bit betwixt and between right now.
    Hoping for more from the real (and massively surging) Blue Jays over the next month!
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    +1-0 from a club I've forgotten!


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