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Thread: World Series Drine win

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    World Series Drine win

    Looks like my A3A3 Legends became the first drone team to win a World Series game.

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    Re: World Series Drine win

    CK should be ashamed lol

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    Re: World Series Drine win

    Congrats to JohnLegend on leading the A3A3 team to the first drone victory in World Series game #26 between humans and drones! CK also deserves credit for winning the real World Series and he'll eventually win the exhibition series, but he's certainly earned some infamy with that loss. A3A3 actually built a 7-1 lead before hanging on for the 7-6 victory.

    The titles breakdown now stands at: Clone 5; Jelly 2; and JohnLegend, Jar, ZubaZ, Perry, Rent, and CK all with 1.
    Psi Phi: Williamsburg Tribe Power (Comm)
    Justice: Jefferson Airplanes ('22)
    TDD: Richmond Rebels (Comm) ('92, '99, '00, '34)
    Psi Sigma: Dillard Dictators (Comm) ('07, '49, '56)
    LCL: NY Lawn Mowers ('93)
    ANB: Edison Electricity ('23, "53)
    BBL: Philadelphia Federalists ('06, '29, '34, '38)
    Recycler: NOVA No Doze ('98, '00, '09, '19)
    VLR: Amritsar Destroyers ('98)
    EBB: Pennsylvania Powder Kegs ('36, '69)
    IBA: Lahaina Luau
    LOL: Fargo Frostbite
    CBF: Cradock Diablos ('59)

    23/58 in World Series


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