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Thread: New los angeles gladiator owner

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    New los angeles gladiator owner

    Hello to all. At first i will tell, i not good at this. I still learning, however i do love writing but it not too good. So hope you dont mind for some write up for fun from me. Glad to be here.

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    Re: New los angeles gladiator owner

    The first time

    7 June 1992

    Mr S1lent take a shock decision to takeover the gladiator. Without any solid reason, he just reply to interviewer i have too much time to kill. Well, just hope he will do it seriously.

    The first thing he do when take the office is check the club condition. How do we do now? Hmm, 30 w 29 lose, sitting second place in Conf B div 4. Not too bad for the unowned club with no manager. Whatever, let leave them like this for now. The suitable person for manager job. Let appoint ex-player. Yeah, that good decision.

    He looking at the file but too lazy to read it all. He go on try to find if someone are here. Then he found a woman around 30's work as cleaner. "Who are you?"

    Lara: "My name is Lara, work as a cleaner here. Hello sir."

    S1LENT: how long have you work here?
    Lara: 4/5 year sir.
    S1LENT: means you know quite lot about this team, right?
    Lara: not really to much sir.
    S1LENT: whatever, starting from tomorrow you will not doing cleaning again, i will search for someone else. And you be my assistant.
    Lara: wait sir, i dont really know much about baseball world particularly.
    S1LENT: just go to the bookstore and buy any good book about baseball rule or anything. I dont care, ok. Be on office tomorrow. Also take this money and go buy some good cloth. You dont want to wear cleaner suit right to work as assistant.
    Lara: ok, thank you sir.

    It settled, we got an assistant. Hmm, whatever, the Qualification not important. Ok next, let check the schedule. We got away game tomorrow against Ariel angels. The starting pitcher is Tom Meagher. Let them doing what they want. Let just go back to sleep for now.


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