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Thread: New los angeles gladiator owner

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    New los angeles gladiator owner

    Hello to all. At first i will tell, i not good at this. I still learning, however i do love writing but it not too good. So hope you dont mind for some write up for fun from me. Glad to be here.

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    Re: New los angeles gladiator owner

    The first time

    7 June 1992

    Mr S1lent take a shock decision to takeover the gladiator. Without any solid reason, he just reply to interviewer i have too much time to kill. Well, just hope he will do it seriously.

    The first thing he do when take the office is check the club condition. How do we do now? Hmm, 30 w 29 lose, sitting second place in Conf B div 4. Not too bad for the unowned club with no manager. Whatever, let leave them like this for now. The suitable person for manager job. Let appoint ex-player. Yeah, that good decision.

    He looking at the file but too lazy to read it all. He go on try to find if someone are here. Then he found a woman around 30's work as cleaner. "Who are you?"

    Lara: "My name is Lara, work as a cleaner here. Hello sir."

    S1LENT: how long have you work here?
    Lara: 4/5 year sir.
    S1LENT: means you know quite lot about this team, right?
    Lara: not really to much sir.
    S1LENT: whatever, starting from tomorrow you will not doing cleaning again, i will search for someone else. And you be my assistant.
    Lara: wait sir, i dont really know much about baseball world particularly.
    S1LENT: just go to the bookstore and buy any good book about baseball rule or anything. I dont care, ok. Be on office tomorrow. Also take this money and go buy some good cloth. You dont want to wear cleaner suit right to work as assistant.
    Lara: ok, thank you sir.

    It settled, we got an assistant. Hmm, whatever, the Qualification not important. Ok next, let check the schedule. We got away game tomorrow against Ariel angels. The starting pitcher is Tom Meagher. Let them doing what they want. Let just go back to sleep for now.

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    Re: New los angeles gladiator owner

    got busy in rl, so not active much. I back as their owner.

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    Re: New los angeles gladiator owner

    Last year, i take this team on 7 june 1992, it almost one year until now. For the first time ever this team make it to conference championship. I glad. Surely lets take a look at what happen last year after 7 june 1992.

    The first is come back of Joe Castaneda to active roster after 1989. His last game was on 8/10/1989 when Los Angeles Gladiator against Nicollet Island Hjalmers at home. He come as reliever in inning 6th and pitching for 4 inning with 2 bb and 2 strike out. Gladiator lose 2-1 to Hjalmers.

    3 years later, after new management in, he back to the active roster and make his first appearance on 15/6/1992 at home against Aristillus Crater Dogs which end with the win to Crater Dog 2-1. He pitched in inning 7 and make one out in inning 8, total 1.1 inning with 3 hit, 1 run, 1 error and 1 bb. He lucky when he strikeouts 2 of Crater Dog batter. He make 14 appearances in 1992 with total 19.1 inning, getting 2W and 2L, allowed 13 runs with total 17 SO. This season he has played 9 games, total 10.1 inning, collected 2W with 1.74 era allowed only 2 runs.

    Second guys called into active roster is Mathew Serrano which he is looking to make his debut. His debut come a day later when facing Ariel Angels on 9/6/1992. He pitch full 8 inning, allowing 4 runs. He start 20 game in his debut year, playing 114 inning, getting 8W and 8L with 4.89 era, a total 64 run allowed. This season not really good for him as he start 9 times, only get 2W with 5L, era 6.79 with 39 runs allowed. He collected 6 PoTM since his debut in his 29th start.

    Third player who come into active roster also played as pitcher, Ray Peoples. Same as Serrano, he drafted a year early than Serrano also looking to make a debut and on 12/6/1992 against BidenNotMyPresidents, he start for first time. However, he may be the worst player who come in to the active roster that time. Only able to hold until 5.2 inning, he allowed 4 run pitch nearly a hundred in 6th inning. Same as the first two, their first appearance end with lose and he lose 4-6 in this match. Total in 1992, he make 20 appearance, with 5W and 9L, ERA 6.81, he not looking too good. And this season, he collected 1W and 5L. sooner or later, he seem to be replaced but hopefully he can bounce back.

    4th, the first other position than pitcher, 2nd base Dennis Stanford also looking for debut. He make his debut on 8/6/1992 as he batted 9th with 3ab and scored 1 run. He get .304 average that season, playing 100 game, with total 43 run, 31 rbi, and 3 homerun. He also record 9 base steal. As for fielding, he record 169 po, assisted 270 and getting 105 double play. This season, he played 40 game, he recorded .342 average, with 17 run and 15 rbi. For fielding, he gets 68 po, 121 assist and 48 double play. He seem good for now.

    Seem like the changed that time focussed too much on pitcher. The 5th who come in also a pitcher. Rit Metcalf making his debut on 11/6/1992. He on the same boat as the two guys earlier, come in as a starter. He make it 7.0 inning allowed 2 runs and also end up losing 3-2. He make 20 with appearances, recorded the lowest among all debutan with 4W and 9L. He seem better than Peoples, ashe recorded 5.52 era. But this season, look not quite good start as he recorded 7.75 era. Hope he back to shape and perform better.

    For 1993, this team not looking too good. Hope we can repair what broken and get more good result later.

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    Re: New los angeles gladiator owner

    4match series vs Lake Michigan Monster.

    Playing at home, Gladiator able to snatch two win from this series even it not change much as now, the season record stand at 16-27. Still far to at least stabilize. Hopefully, this team able to close down the gap.

    Walter Casey, 29 y.o 1b be the only player from gladiator to named Man of the match in third match, while the first match which also won by gladiator award opponet player as PoTM. Walter Casey doing well this season, knock 10 homerun, with 64 hit, making 23 runs 34 rbi. His average is .356. He only recorded one over .300 in last 5 year and hopefully this year he able to do it again.

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    Re: New los angeles gladiator owner

    4 lose in row. As this team look quite good for awhile. Now seem like thing going from bad to worse. As for now, the gap keep getting bigger as they needed 14 win without lose to tied the lose count and surely it impossible. As for now, Mr Silent will need to think a good way to prevent this team from going worse.

    Nicollet Island Hjalmers

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    Re: New los angeles gladiator owner

    Losing total 4-0 in Piper Pirates series, Los Angeles Gladiator get up back as they won against Nicollet Island Hjalmers 7-1 at home. Playing in front of their own fans, Gladiator nearly getting a complete game but losing one run in inning 6 as Hjalmers knock off homerun.

    The best player today no one else is Daniel Balderama. 3 at bat, 2 hit with 1 base on ball, with one of his hit home run. Have 10 years experience as professional player, he surely show to all his junior he not done yet. He have more in his sleeve. That make his 13 home run this season as he is 8 short to reach 300 career homerun.

    While in the pitching section, 7 inning, allowing 4 hit, let them score 1 run with 3 base on ball, David Sumner have a beautiful days as he strikeouts 14 times tonight. What a game. This also will mark as his 5th win this season and his 78 win in his career. He still 25, so he may able to reach 100 game wins in his career.

    Now the season record stand for Gladiator, 19-32. Still a long way to go, but hopefully this team able to get more win later.


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