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Thread: Add to League stats

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    Add to League stats

    Please consider adding these titles to Awards for League

    Batting Champion and Strikeout Champion

    Thank you plus any feedback on my trade enhancement suggestion

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    Re: Add to League stats

    There's a few things I would like to see, related to what you're referring to ...

    Black ink is a leader for a particular statistical category in the league -- as in the bold number you see on the back of a baseball card when the player, for example, led the league in HRs. Grey ink is the same, but you're in the top 10. I'd love to see this on a player's player card / any statistics grid.

    The "batting / strikeout champion" reminds me of the "big 8" leaders we saw in baseball cards: AVG, HR, RBI, SB for batters, and W, SO, SV, ERA for pitchers. Thinking of this, the leaders page could do a better job of showing these (only) -- and then allow someone to see "all leaders" which shows more of what the current page is.

    And next: season accomplishments. This ranges from everything like "30+ HRs in a season" to "led the league in HRs" or "top 10 in HRs".

    Combined, this gives you the visibility of what you're looking for in many places (and, perhaps, all the right places). Leading the league in a category is not an "award" per se - it's a statistical accomplishment. That being said, it deserves to be noted, in leaderboards, in stats pages, and in a player's history of accomplishments.


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