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Thread: League looks to be done...

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    League looks to be done...


    I suppose it is time to drop the team and move on.

    Cheers all.

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    Re: League looks to be done...

    Yeah I didn't want to be one of the rats leaving the sinking ship and I wanted to defend my championship plus with the promotion it would have been nice to see if we could move up the divisions, but this looks pretty hopeless now.
    Thanks for the memories and fun in this league, but looks like I will bow out now on the high of winning the last season in the leagues existence.
    If by some unlikely scenario it gets rebooted then let me know and I will happily take the same team back.
    Good luck all and if anyone wants a new team please consider one of the vacancies in FrontOffice Baseball which has some good rules and systems and managers.
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