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Thread: Deimos looking to win NOW!

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    Deimos looking to win NOW!

    With the mortgage of the future HR Legend Byron Turner to acquire the top pitcher in the league, Deimos would like to win a couple more titles before he's done. therefore, if you think you have anyone that can help us win now, reach out. Biggest needs are SS and 2b. But if you can improve us, I will listen

    Decent prospects in our lows and draft picks avail

    you can PM me or just send over an offer and I'll counter if I don't like it.


    From Deimos Martians:P: Kenneth Galliher ($2,476,000)2B: Justin Gomez ($3,660,000)CF: Byron Turner ($3,165,000)From Eagleville Porkrollers:P: Boyd Smart ($12,000,000)
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