The Newport Seagulls are considering a rebuild, as it seems the current roster has done as much as it possibly can. Any players are available for the right price - keep in mind that I'm rebuilding, so picks and 21/22 year old LM talent (or younger) are preferred:

NONE of these players have regressed in ANY of their key stats, so even the older ones (Kerr and Wheeler) are still going to be dominant for a while. Kerr was just 2nd in Cy Young voting last year, and Wheeler was on the MVP list as well.

- Ricky Kerr IV - 3x Cy Young winner
- Charles Montague - two seasons under a 2 ERA now
- Brandon Wheeler one of the best hitters of all time
- Juice Moreno - MVP from two years ago and one of the best switch-hitters in the league
- Nate Doss - another pitcher not even in his prime with under a 2 ERA last season
- Paul Butler - one of the rangiest 2B in the league and hit over .900 OPS last season
- Cookie Wallace - 2 or 3 GGs and one of the best defensive SS available

...and more!

Have offers out on all these players now, but if you think of something, PM me or let me know here! Can work out multi-part deals if necessary. Prefer to get one deal done before 4/1, as I need the FO allocations.