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Thread: Anyone Else Play OOTP?

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    Anyone Else Play OOTP?

    Just curious because all of us on here are already baseball fanatics, does anyone else load up a save on OOTP on PC or Mac from time to time? It's far more detailed than CSFBL, and I have a hard time thinking of what would make it even more realistic, but it lacks the community aspect, simplicity, and relaxed pace that CSFBL offers. Anyways, wanted to know if there were any other OOTPers on this forum.
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    Re: Anyone Else Play OOTP?

    I dabbled a bit with OOTP5 then sort of fell away as it got more complicated and slowed down a season. Just got back into OOTP Go and that seems a bit more slimmed down and approachable.

    I’ve never really figured out the development of young players. It all just seems pretty random (which might not be a bad thing)

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