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Thread: Poll Consider Tolkerton's Proposal

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    Poll Consider Tolkerton's Proposal

    Tolkerton's Proposal: I voted to stay at $65m, I will be a bit disappointed if it does go up but not that bothered.
    However I thought about it and realized I could propose something different and is what I do as commissioner in FrontOffice Baseball.

    In that league the cap is $65m but I allow teams to be up to $70m on 4/1 and THIS is the hard cap that I regulate. This allows for owners to have the choice of maximizing allocations or having a bit more salary used on the roster each season.
    This would satisfy everyone who wants either $65m or $70m.

    What I also then do is raise the league cap to $70m when the draft has taken place on 7/15.
    This allows those who had a lower salary level early in the season to make moves after the draft and have some room to work with despite taking on their draftees.
    I really like this system and would be my choice here if we are going to change.

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    Re: Poll Consider Tolkerton's Proposal

    Voted. I play in the league that uses that setup. It does allow for some trade flexibility but forces your to make cuts if get too high salary of a roster. It works well.

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    Re: Poll Consider Tolkerton's Proposal

    Question. .During Spring Training is cap at $65 million or $70 million? On April 1st cap will be $65 million, but only cut players if teams over $70 million.

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    Re: Poll Consider Tolkerton's Proposal

    It is $65m league cap at the start of the season (spring) but clubs are allowed to be up to $70m and $70m is the amount that the commissioner needs to regulate as the hard cap. It allows people to stay over the $65m cap a bit if they want but it will likely impact their allocations so it is a choice on how to manage.

    "On April 1st cap will be $65 million, but only cut players if teams over $70 million."
    This is correct ^

    Then when the draft takes place the league cap goes up to $70m allowing those that were under $65m at the start to make moves and catch up with those who were already at $70m.
    It goes back to $65m before the start of the season. I usually take it back to $65m during the playoffs so when it flips there is no confusion.

    The thing is that here it seems there is no overwhelming desire to change to $70m and it will be a small majority if that does have the most votes.
    I suggest trialling my system which is a compromise and see how people feel. The cap stays at $65m but people get a bit of leeway and can be up to $70m if they want, but if they do then there is the impact of allocations being reduced.
    Having the league cap raised to $70m after the draft then allows anyone under $70m at that time to still trade and sign FA's to allow them to have a similar salary to those who started the season already at $70m (who will then have over $70m due to intake of draftees).

    The other repercussion is that it's more difficult for those holding a higher salary to go for the PSFA's. If you choose to be up at $70m at the start then it will take more cuts to the roster to compete for the PSFA's who are more available to those holding the lower (under $65m) salary.

    Just to add it actually means less work for the commissioner on the cap issue. Many don't use the extra cap space anyway so there might be one person who hasn't complied before 4/1 but it's not that common that many people are over $70m by that time.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreamNY View Post
    Question. .During Spring Training is cap at $65 million or $70 million? On April 1st cap will be $65 million, but only cut players if teams over $70 million.
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    Re: Poll Consider Tolkerton's Proposal

    I’m fine with the 65$ soft/70$ hard cap. No problem with that.
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