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Thread: 2127 Trade talks

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    2127 Trade talks

    Orlando is looking to swap a couple bats and/or picks for pitching.

    3B Gary Hollinger
    3B Alan Hilliard
    CF Thomas Foy
    RF Jack Barmore
    LF Lloyd Cisneros

    I can move any of these guys in a deal. Willing to package two of them together if needed or can move separately. Looking for pitching. Any age will be considered. Also have my draft picks I can move as well. I have picks 19/43/67

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    Re: 2127 Trade talks

    Not looking to talk trades but need to vent my frustration at 3B James Ludwick/CSFBL.

    Yesterday I made my offer, nobody else was bidding.
    Then the sims crashed and so the 3/8 sim was delayed.
    At 6am ET when the 3/8 transaction sim took place he didn't sign for some reason, still nobody else had made him an offer.
    So I put in a new one.
    THEN I see my main division rival had come in for him about 24 hours after I made my first offer.
    So I upped my offer to $1m OVER his salary.
    Then at the 3/12 sim he goes to the other team for basic salary!
    Very angry and I will never understand how that player didn't come to me, I bet he homers in his first at bat against us.

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    Re: 2127 Trade talks

    Kansas is in a rebuild, take a look if you need a vet hitter for the stretch run. Have a 28 YO 2B that is very good as well.
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