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Thread: 2076 Draft....Done

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    2076 Draft....Done

    Round 1
     Block 1 -Due on Monday June 21st , at 4:30 pm AZ/PFC time  
    1Solingen ExplorersSS Vernon Ford 
    2OC WavesCF Curtis Barnes 
    3Plainfield PorkersCF Arnold Raymond 
     Block 2 - Due on Tuesday June 22nd, at 4:30 pm AZ/Pfc time  
    4Frankfurt Eagles P James Yan 
    5Pocket Snowmen P Michael Bisson 
    6Peconic Bay Scallops3B Leslie Medina 
     Block 3 - Due on Wednesday, June 23rd at 4:30 pm AZ/Pfc time  
    7Groom Lake Engineers3B Phillip McDermott 
    8Lake Erie MonstersCF Bobby Forbes 
    9Graterford GrowlersP Benjamin Pederson 
     Block 4 - Due on Thursday, June 24th at 4:30 pm AZ/Pfc time  
    10Richmond Roadrunners2B Andrew Ritchie 
    11Calgary IceballsSS William Thompson 
    12Dayton ThunderboltsP Derrick Schroeder 
     Block 5 - Due on Friday, June 25th at 4:30 pm AZ/Pfc time  
    13Dublin Green SoxSS Rusty Streeter 
    14New Hampshire BobcatsP Juan Gonzalez 
    15Athens Philosophers3B Daniel Ward 
     Block 6 - Due on Saturday, June 26th at 4:30 pm AZ/Pfc time  
    16Northland Polar BearsP Wm Lewis 
    17Westhampton Beach DunesP Paul Thomas 
    18Barrowland DominatorsSS Alan Rohrbach 
     Block 7-Due on Sunday , June 27th at 4:30 pm AZ/Pfc time  
    19Flagstaff GiantsP Frank Savage 
    20Arizona Dust DevilsCF Larry Bartlett 
    21Llano LlamasC Nicholas Hutchins 
     Block 8-Due on Monday June 28th at 4:30 pm AZ/Pfc time  
    22Winnipeg GoldeyesP Brian Graham 
    23Seattle Grinders3B Robert Bookman 
    24Murrietta MayhemRF Jose Brothers 
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    Re: 2076 Draft

    Westhampton selects Pitcher P. Thomas

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    Re: 2076 Draft

    Arizona selects CF Larry Bartlett at #20

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    Re: 2076 Draft

    Llano selects C Nicholas Hutchins.

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    Re: 2076 Draft

    Winnipeg will take Brian Graham P.

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    Re: 2076 Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by dk161 View Post
    Winnipeg will take Brian Graham P.
    I'm assuming that you're the former Carolina Cruisers since you don't show up on the draft board.

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    Re: 2076 Draft

    Yes sir!

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    Re: 2076 Draft

    Seattle takes RF Jose Brothers if i still can, otherwise an Auto is fine, i am late. I apologize for that.
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