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Thread: Leaving CSFBL

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    Leaving CSFBL

    Just want to let the league know that I'm leaving CSFBL. It's been a good run but I don't get the enjoyment I used to get from playing this game. It's become more of a chore to keep up with my teams. Maybe one day I'll be back, but for now I think it's best to step aside. Good luck to all and thank you for having me be a part of this league!

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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    Rob, hate to see you go! You have been a rock in Gamma and we'll sorely miss you! I just recently came back after a hiatus because I also lost enjoyment in CSFBL, so I know 1st hand how that goes. But I couldn't stay away.

    Maybe a little time away will recharge the batteries and you'll be back in the fold ASAP. You will always have a team available for you here.

    Thanks so much for your competitive spirit and active participation in Gamma!

    Respectfully, Ravennod.
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    Re: Leaving CSFBL

    Rob, say it ain't so; and leaving your Nighthawks Championship team to a Newbie? Man, I hate to see that.

    Hope you might reconsider, knowing how much you'll be missed in Gamma. Good Owners are hard enough to come by, without losing a winner like you. Hope all goes well for you in the future and hope you make a return to Gamma someday.
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