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Thread: Lawn Chair Rankings

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    ‘34 Lawn Chair Rankings

    #1 Tiki Torches 102
    #2 Bunch Moonshiners 219
    #3 Chattanooga Cookouts 253
    #4 Janesville Jarts 256
    #5 Riverside Stoop Sitters 266
    #6 Richmond Tigers 270
    #7 Mill Creek Mules 289
    #8 The Beach Kahunas 299
    #9 Highballin' Hobos 303
    #10 Bartow Bocce Balls 324
    #11 Lithopolis Mighty Legion 326
    #12 California Chill Bears 339
    #13 Manchester Gazebos 383
    #14 Key West Conchs 384
    #15 Denver Elevation 386
    #16 Frostbite Falls Flashy Flamingos 395
    #17 Namib Lions 408
    #18 Chicago Ecliptics 420
    #19 Alberta Clippers 437
    #20 Dunedin Bluejays 448
    #21 Green Acres Lawn Darts 450
    #22 New York Yard Dogs 493
    #23 Latrobe Alleghenys 562
    #24 Saturn Slammers 592
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    Re: ‘34 Lawn Chair Rankings

    I know this should probably be obvious to me if I look into it, but how are the numbers determined? I think it's some combination of hitting and pitching stats?

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    Re: Lawn Chair Rankings

    use 13 hitting 13 pitching...and 3 defensive.
    if a team is the best in the category they score a 1
    if a team is the worst they score a 24.
    Then total them all up

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    Re: Lawn Chair Rankings

    I am surprised that Bunch is so high.
    Peace. (Psalm 29:11)


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    Re: Lawn Chair Rankings

    It’s all that great pitching and not a bad offense either by the way.
    A real up and coming team in Summer is perrycarters club. He brought a lot of new arms up and they are a team
    that looks to be good /great for a long time. He knows what he is doing. Always nabs great defensive players as well.
    I think our time is short , until we might have to rebuild the Hobos majorly.

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    Re: Lawn Chair Rankings

    He also has a Beach Kahuna named Barry Sweeney who is 20 years old, and makes a cool three million.
    To add to a very formidable rotation already.

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    Re: Lawn Chair Rankings

    Can we get a new ranking for the upcoming season?

    I need to get my Denver Elevation moving in the right path.
    Chicago Cubs (MLB Str8 8's)
    Chicago Orphans (National League)
    Cleveland Indians (MLB Str8 8 Sweetness)
    COVID 19'S (CSFBL Justice)
    Denver Elevation (Lawn Chair League)
    Iowa Cubs (MLB Remake AAA)
    Los Angeles Angels (MLB Classic)
    Toronto Blue Jays (Two Major Leagues)

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    Re: Lawn Chair Rankings

    Since Laynlow has left CSFBL completely, someone else can do this.
    Peace. (Psalm 29:11)



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