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Thread: New 2096 Draft list and 4-1 Draft Rule PLEASE READ

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    New 2096 Draft list and 4-1 Draft Rule PLEASE READ

    Up Dated 2096 Draft

    1 Hosnian Prime Starkillers
    2 Coruscant Co Sponsors
    3 Kamino Bad Batch
    4 Death Star Tie Fighters
    5 Dathomir Maulers
    6 Mandalore Darksabers
    7 Jawa Sandcrwalers
    8 Corellian Blood Stripes
    9 Dune Sea Karkoons
    10 Exegol Star Destroyers
    11 Corellian Blood Stripes
    12 Toronto AK Skywalkers
    13 Tatooine Sandtroopers
    14 Corellian Blood Stripes
    15 Des Moines Chewies
    16 St.Catharines Bounty Hunters
    17 Yavin 4 Exar Kun
    18 Hoth Wampas
    19 Bothan Spies
    20 Rouge One Rebels
    21 Cloud City Calrissian
    22 The mighty Ewoks of Endore
    23The Millennium Falcons
    24 Jundland Wastes Tusken Raiders

    Ok so I have given it some thought and I have settled on a solution to mix up with yes man drafting players at 4-1 (the time of the start of the the season). I have decided to give him back his draft position this is a ONE TIME OCCURRENCE. So from this point on anyone that drafts a player on 4-1 and gets caught you WILL NOT get your draft position back.

    So what’s the solution.....from now on when the sim date 4-1 occurs all GMs have a 3 hour window to adjust their Low and AAA rosters to be in compliance of the 4-1 rule. At this time any teams that are in violation will be penalized as per the 4-1 rule of 5 spots per infraction.

    Ps Anyone have any friends that would like to join our league we have some spots open.


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    Re: New 2096 Draft list and 4-1 Draft Rule PLEASE READ

    Draft list has been updated


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