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Thread: 2138 Season

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    2138 Season

    What are your hopes and dreams this season?

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    Re: 2138 Season

    DPRK is looking to recruit new members to the Watch Every Sim Crew. All you need to do is bang through every game on GameView before you know the results. I recommend speed 6 for when you want the full drama and speed 7 for when you don’t have much time. I use the bottom of the team page to avoid spoilers. I’ve never had good luck with the obfuscation option on the schedule page (crashes my ****).

    I believe Zubaz is in. Who else?
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    Re: 2138 Season

    i'm in. game 1 wasn't great, game 2 started off with a leadoff HR for Marion but got much better as the game went on and we banged out 13 hits against Jones.

    Gowanus should overall be a little bit worse this year. Our returning players should be slightly better on the whole (bringing up Lowery, Barnes/France/Hernandez all with meaningful increases in talent) but the drop-off from Cote to Ramos is a substantial one. On the other hand, Frisco and Ft Worth should both be worse due to age as well, Lincoln is trending in the wrong direction, and I don't think Fighting is up to the challenge yet either. So I'm still hopeful we're good enough to make the playoffs again, even if our WS odds got way lower.

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    Re: 2138 Season

    I’m in. Game 1 was great with Enzo revenge game vs LHP Bass. Started RHB Sellers over LHB Priest in cleanup and was rewarded with opening day HR (all his career HR vGowanus).

    Game 2 was a WHIP disaster. Sim switches Frisco years between bad W-L for Enzo and Jones. So far, even years good for Enzo and odd years for Jones.

    Game 3 is rubber match. We swept each other in different regular season series, then had exciting 7g div series.

    Game 4 is against other Big Tex Long rival, Forth Worth. We swept each other during the regular season as well.

    I still have 3 legit 1B and 4 arms that could be SP3 for other teams. Looking for best compete now deal after 7/15.

    I won’t make the same mistake of resting often and giving Long a lead, although it does give Rent’s numbers fits. Enjoy being underestimated.
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    Re: 2138 Season

    Minnetonka is in the midst of the rebuild. I looked at some veteran trade additions this spring, but with an eye on value and adding wins. nothing came to fruition. Hoping for a top heavy and deep draft (picks 6, 9, 30, 34).

    Did manage a few nice FA additions: 97ra 3b Morrison, 78ra 2b Hambright, 22yo PO/FI lefty Warner, 94ra CF Anaya, future bullpen guy Phillips good leadoff bat, no glove Donald Caine. all solid 2nd round value guys with an eye on Morrison as a possible deadline trade and Hambright a rebuild MI (the rest are future role players i hope). Also called up previous year FA C Pat Reyes. He is depth this year but has ability as a 73di 54ba 84sl catcher.

    On the trade front we dealt away depth: longtime 2b Byrd with 86ra was dealt for a 34 pick. 86di 69ra 2b Albert was dealt for P Casey Perry who should be a solid pitching piece during a rebuild. Also acquired C Newman from Lemke for a 3rd and he will handle C vs LHP this year.

    My lineup is and rotation are both suspect. Lee Meserve and his 99di will move to LF and bat leadoff. He might be a trade piece at the deadline for anyone needing .400 obp. 1b Smith will repeat at 1b. Winger gets DH again. Silverman will get a chance as the everyday RF with hopes of spinning him off. C is a platoon of Wells/Newman. Wells has been a surprise, but I have an affinity for Lefty swinging catchers. The splits make average ratings play up and they naturally rest more. 2b will be SPC castoff Daniel Richmond, who I hope can hit 20hrs and give average 76ra. SS is Freitag again, though he can be had. 3b is free agent Morrison. FA Hambright will try to move to CF for Meserve while Fields takes the other half of that platoon. Overall the defensive RA is average to good with no real holes. Offensively it will be a struggle to score runs. we have some OBP skills, but a lot of CN/GIDP and lack of SL issues.

    Rotation is repeat of last year: Ham will try to start 40 games and eat 300+ innings of league avg ball. Gray is a back of rotation inning eater. Esparza feels like he can do something above average with 86po 86sy and 71en, he can make a difference this year. Thornton and Bourque get the veteran pass as the 4/5. They could be bad this year. Lacroix is the CL again and he still has 292 points in the big 4, but it is 70 70 73 79, so hoping for another solid season. Those three get a pass on production as they are legacy players. They combined for -13xraa, and tht would be acceptable again. Previously mentioned Warner and Eric Bryant (and previous mention Perry) are all active roster pitchers who are developing as they play. none are important but carry enough skill to keep the floor high during the build. West/Kline are veteran arms to stop any bleeding.

    On the farm: lots of 1 spot position changes. 2b Espinosa is moving to CF where he may stay. CF Rios is taking his 85ra to 3b. LF Thomas is moving to 1b. P Burton could see some pen time this year, if the team was playoff worthy he would be up. Criswell didnt develop well, so he might be down a while. LF Walker is a previous FA castoff, who i hope to slow develop into a useful player. Caine is on the same track. Gamble first Metzler is probably not useful other than utility, and he almost got cut this year.

    Minny is shooting for 70 wins this year and a good draft and hopefully pick up a future 1st for either of Meserver or Ham.
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    Re: 2138 Season

    2 Games in the Book. I promised that I was going to watch all 160-181 games via PbP and Opening Day made sure I was rewarded right off the bat... "Umami" Henry Sauer pitched one of the more perfect games that has ever been pitched in TCL history... It is a Top 0.1% for sure and maybe the best pitched Opening Day Game in league history

    That is a 1 hitter with only 1 walk. Faced the minimum amount of batters.

    Oh, yea... you are also going to see Blacklemore took the very first pitch he saw in the major league into Your Mom (that is what we call the seating gap our stadium has in left center.. it is where we park the bullpen car - Chrysler 300 #HumbleBrag). But he wasn't done.. came up later and did it again. 4 of the 5 RBI's was thanks to Donna Shillelagh (that's what he calls his bat. We was a big fan of the Former US Health and Human Service Secretary Donna Shalala)

    You may ask yourself... Umami? What kind of nickname is that? Well you see on the come up for ya boy Henry everyone that saw the finesse he could bring to the pitches and bring to the ladies he got the nickname Sweet Henry Sauer. He hated the nickname. *****ed about it every chance he got... then randomly Virgil Harris said 'More like Bitter Henry Sauer' and it got a big laugh. But you see Bitter Henry also was dating the 42 year old ex-wife of former teammate and fellow pitcher Logan Kramer and when he put a pitcher err... picture of them in his locker Juanito Sinaloa said 'Ooooh Mami' and it it didn't take long for Virgil to put it all together... Umami is the most savory nickname in the league and one that Sauer has finally come to embrace. Also.... almost a perfect game.

    And Blacklemore? Well most of that is obvious. He came from Dublin and he is black. His Dad was a slime covered potato eater from the knuckle breaking rocks of East Dublin. His mom was an immigrant from Ghana. His childhood was rough and was already part of an underground Fight Club at 15. He knew his only chance to get off the streets would be baseball. His dad now in prison and his mom cleaning rooms at 2 separate hotels (Doubletree over on IB 45 and Knights Inn Roadside - Not the murder one, the other one) he is the most motivated 21 year old you will ever meet. He ain't here to take part.... he Ghana take over.

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    Re: 2138 Season

    Vista made some minor tweaks, swapping out our DH (getting younger and likely improving OBP) and 1B (younger and definitely better SLG)

    The lineup is all 27 and under, so I think we have some time to chill and/or upgrade SS or SP after Garcia and Backus crap out of the rotation.
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    Very excited to watch Luke go on a 9 game winning streak in May and think his team is great now
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    Re: 2138 Season

    Lawrence Hebert got called up. i'm excited about that.

    my hopes are dreams are #20 in rent's season end teams deal.

    hitting is improved - not good still. pitching still sucks. defense is below average.

    the current 25 man breaks down like this:

    drafted - 9 (5 first, 3 seconds, 1 third)
    trade - 9 (6 this season)
    FA - 7 (3 this season)

    by pick
    first rounders - 9
    second rounders - 12
    third rounders - 3
    undrafted - 1

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    Re: 2138 Season

    I actually have hopes that Dublin can push for a .500 record, but that still seems unlikely. We were extremely active on the free agent front. We have 2 returning member of the pitching staff (3 if you include Smith who didnt throw an inning last season), and currently only 2 fulltime returning hitters.

    We made some minor trades on the margins to be significant upgrades from what we had in adding 1B Hull and 2B Albert. While we also signed SS Morris and 3B Peel to round out a brand new infield. We added Galloway to be our new RF and Richmond for some thump at DH, but we could use a lefty bat to platoon with him.

    Our pitching staff is where I think we should excel, and they are off to a fairly decent start.

    SP1 Jones - outdueled Kelley in game 1
    SP2 Marconi - had a rough first start, but his future is bright as he is only a rookie
    SP3 Smith - no run support in his first start, lost 1-0, hes out to prove not using him last season was a mistake
    SP4 Anguiano - free agent addition, very seasoned veteran
    SP5 Bloodworth - another signee who was a cap casualty, a very solid looking #5

    Actually quite happy with the bullpen too which will be led by rookie closer Young. We also added some quality emergency starters should seafat or poor performance be an issue.

    The future is naturally bright for a franchise that dropped to such depths. And while we may regret trading Blacklemore, corner OF was a position of extreme depth for us, and we really needed infield help. We also ended up with a stopgap 1B out of it too.

    80 wins might be a bit of a stretch, but 70-75 wins seems doable. Coming from so far down and changing almost the entire active roster (3 rookies and alot of free agents), its hard to know how good they are. One thing is for sure there will be no more easy wins in Dublin.
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    Re: 2138 Season

    Blacklemore currently on pace for 267RBIs this season. I think he is Ghana do it.

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