the Miners will be playing in a Stadium that honors the States retail Legacy: "Sears & Marshall Field" you might of heard of Sears. the U.S.A's #1 Retailer from 1900-1990, but you might not of heard of Chicago's hometown Department Store that put names like Macy's to shame. Founded in 1852 Marshall Field & Company was the nation's Largest Department Store, comprising of 73 acres of Floor Space. We are Proud to Build a Sears and Marshall Field building consisting of a 7 Story Brick building trimmed with Silver and Bronze We have a Clock on the side of the building in Bronze with Black Roman numerals, a timeless classic look brought back to life along IL Route 13 between Marion and Crab Orchard. If your wondering "What happened to Eddie Lampert?" Well, he died. hes in Hell. the friendly Billionaire Darren L has brought back to Life Sears by reacquiring their brands such as Craftsman, Kenmore, Maytag. Discover Card and Allstate Insurance. He is also bringing Back Marshall Field and Toys R Us along with Blockbuster & Family Video.