We stink, our P is pretty good but our O is a disaster. Looking to move a couple guys out just to get some flexibility. Those that have dealt with me know I'm more than fair and move very quickly, so any offer that is reasonable in value I'll probably just take . Not looking to score of endlessly shop anything at all. basically you may find a bargain IDK but here goes

Pure Rentals that can still Pitch - decent mid to lower 2nd or marginal lows

Willie Davis 37, looking for #300 can still start
Robert Morse 35, can also still start decent numbers for a lousy team

Vets that can contribute - early 2nd

Charles Thorton - 29, 3.3M - just in a bad situation here would do much better elsewhere
Gregg Putin also 29, 2.95M Same idea

Whatever category- Bargain bilge - give me something and I'll consider
Brian Newman
Chad Bailey
Jerrod Asher