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Thread: Hey guys

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    Hey guys

    I have taken over the treefolk. prepare to get dominated. especially you perry.
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    Re: Hey guys

    Just for personal reference we were 40-45 when I took over
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    Re: Hey guys

    Oh wow, you joined this league too. Welcome back dude! I've left and come back to this league several times. It was my first league so hard to let go.

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    Re: Hey guys

    Thanks man. I was surprised to see a almost full league and a bunch of familiar names.
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    Re: Hey guys

    Finished out 42-33 to end the season at 82-78 which is this franchise's first winning season in 11 years.

    We drafted 2 solid pieces to build around

    SS Shannon Niemi who scouts at 81-56-80-56 with 90sp and 98ra
    LF Jefferson Satterfield 52-40-92-46- with 88sp and 85ra with a +5

    and still have 3 decent pitching prospects and 2 slightly above average players to fill in at 1B and RF sometime soon

    Overall im feeling pretty good about the future of this franchise. Good luck to all playoff teams. We'll be there soon.
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