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Thread: Why Did My Team Tank

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    Why Did My Team Tank

    I've been playing CSFBL since 2004 (I'm still not a good owner) and I've never figured out why a team tanks during the season, even when making very few changes to the roster/lineups.
    One of my teams started this year 43-18 (.705) but then went 16-32 (.333) the next 48 games.
    Can anyone clue me in?

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    Re: Why Did My Team Tank

    I think there is a lot of randomness to each individual sim. But, over time, the data you see becomes more significant. Without looking at your team, I would venture to say your team was likely overperforming during the initial stretch and is now underperforming. This is actually normal and you should expect hot and cold streaks from all your teams. The truth is, your team's true ability is probably somewhere in the middle. Maybe you are a .500 or .550 team. It also depends on your schedule, matchups, and seafat (among other factors).

    I tend to look at 100+ games as a good indicator, much less than that and you could get fooled by a small sample size. Even then, players have down or up years, so in the end, collect as much data as possible and factor in the current ratings, or the ratings of the year's statistics you are looking at.
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