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Thread: 2129 Playoffs Preview

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    if I understand correctly, congrats to no one as Springfield won and is unowned? Or if not unowned, congrats to winning it all. Team looked dominant all year.

    In any case: AA is still paused even if AAA is running ahead
    Definitely owned lol. My son, kwhelmick, built the team but he had to step away because of life responsibilities so I’ve taken over. I’ve really just been maintaining them, occasional trade here and there, and have been managing the lineups. My son just did the rebuild aspect. Three-peat is very tough to do but credit goes to an amazing pitching staff and some young studs up the middle.

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    Re: 2129 Playoffs Preview

    Kwhelmick left Springfield in 2125 when he was promoted to AAA and eventually, unceremoniously left the ReMake and CSFBL communities with no explanation.

    Bruce Cassidy ran the team in between Kwhelmick and DukesDad2021, and did a good job at managing and developing the team that you see now. He stepped away for health reasons.
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