Note: Changes to Goat 5's scoring system were only number tweaks to the Goat 4 system, core principles were kept intact. Revised number values are signified by red font: the divisional correction bonuses were bounced back somewhat since realignment was removed, but not restored to Goat 3 values.

Scoring System
The backbone of the old scoring system, 1 win per regular season win, remains.

Playoff points
10 for Playoff Appearance, 20 for LCS Appearance, 30 for winning the conference, 45 for winning the World Series.
*Note, these bonuses are not cumulative, for each round advance the team simply receives the higher bonus.

Yearly Flat Bonuses
Wins: 5 points for reaching 100, 10 points for 105, 20 points 110.
Run Differential: 5 points for reaching +100, 10 points for +200, 20 points for +300.

End of Sprint Awards
World Series Titles=140, Playoff Appearances=120
These awards are split in the in event of a tie.

Meanwhile, Wins Top 5 receives the following bonuses:

Run differential Top 5 receives the following bonuses:

In the event of a tie, points for the place and one directly below are added together and then shared equally for the tied place, and the next place is skipped.
Example. Tied for wins, 2nd place. Add 90 and 60=150 then divide by 2, both receive 75, third place is skipped, and 4th place points are simply awarded to the next owner behind the tie.

Divisional and Conference adjustments
These are not awards or penalties for being in a tougher or weaker division, but merely corrections to bring divisional strengths down to an average.

+1 point adjustment to each member of the division for every 4 wins the division is over .500, whereas -1 point adjustment to each team in the division for every 4 wins under .500 the division is. All results will include fractional points when posted with the rest of the scoring system updates.

Additionally, 1 run differential point for every 80 runs over or under 0 will be added or subtracted to each member of the division based on how the division performs.

Conferences will also be slightly adjusted with the similar 1 point granted to each member of the conference for 5 wins the conference is over, but in the interest of keeping this correction very small, we aren’t applying the negative adjustment for conferences or using run differential corrections.