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Thread: 2137 draft movement and trades

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    Re: 2137 draft movement and trades

    Turda Trades:
    Brad McLemore DH
    11th pick
    Salary Filler

    Worcester Trades:
    Richard Chesson RF
    Gregory Loveless RF
    Rocco Aratani P
    Francis Brown P
    Craig Taylor P

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    Re: 2137 draft movement and trades

    From Gatlinburg Tramcars:
    CF: J Self ($1,744,000)
    P: G Foster ($2,438,000)

    From Fort Worth Outlaws:
    SS: J Taylor ($7,589,000)

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    Re: 2137 draft movement and trades

    Whoa, a 7.6M SS!

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    Re: 2137 draft movement and trades

    From Gburg:

    3B Kimber
    Pick 9

    From Golden Bears:
    2B Rivera

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    Re: 2137 draft movement and trades

    Trade Proposals

    Trade proposed by Fighting Physicists to Detroit Collateral Damage:

    From Detroit Collateral Damage:
    P: Ralph Osborne ($3,566,000)
    P: Michael Vandenbosch ($4,485,000)
    CF: Robert Bryant ($1,006,000)

    From Fighting Physicists:
    First Round Draft Pick: #1 overall
    CF: George Taylor ($1,480,000)
    P: Juan Espinoza ($1,675,000)
    P: James Logan ($2,033,000)

    From Detroit Collateral Damage:
    RF: Barney Colley ($5,810,000)
    1B: Donald Butler ($3,121,000)

    From Fighting Physicists:
    C: Eric Richardson ($1,805,000)
    RF: John Eddings ($1,764,000)
    P: Victor Hill ($2,433,000)
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    Re: 2137 draft movement and trades

    Trade proposed by Fort Worth Outlaws to Detroit Collateral Damage:

    From Detroit Collateral Damage:
    SS: Kevin Brannigan ($1,789,000)
    P: Timothy Barnes ($1,970,000)
    P: Vernon Hall ($1,541,000)

    From Fort Worth Outlaws:
    First Round Draft Pick: #16 overall
    RF: Ali Mitchell ($1,419,000)
    P: Vernon Beck ($1,471,000)

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    Re: 2137 draft movement and trades

    From Ft Worth to Detroit
    1st Round Draft Pick: #16 overall
    OF Ali Mitchell
    RP Vernon Beck

    From Detroit to Ft Worth
    SS Kevin Brannigan
    RP Timothy Barnes
    RP Vernon Hall

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    Re: 2137 draft movement and trades

    Can't believe I'm giving up a 1st rd pick for a guy you signed from FA. So wrong. But no one else made any offers."
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