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Thread: 2106 Beer League Draft Complete Set List

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    2106 Beer League Draft Complete Set List

    Five teams will be required to make their picks each day for 1 Round. If you are first to pick on your day you may post your pick in this thread. If you are 2nd-3rd-4th-5th you must PM the commissioner your selections by the deadline or you will be auto picked. This process will be done until the draft is complete thru Round 1. Any Auto picks will be the highest paid unpicked player. You will be notified by PM only. If your user name and forum name are different it is your responsibility to send the correct PM name to all commissioners.

    Please send the all PMs to jfn99fan.
    Day 1- Monday 3/15/21- 8pm est

    1. Minden Dos Equis C Robert Gentry
    2. Michelob Men Of Mystery P Rueben Nielsen
    3. Mill Street Brewery P Samuel Kendall
    4. Frankenmuth Pilseners P Gregory Lund
    5. Beaverton Blue Ribbon P Steven Martinez

    Day 2- Tuesday 3/16/21- 8pm est

    1. Big Bend Brewing Company P William Wentzel
    2. Grain Belt Belters P Dale Cano
    3. Sandwich HopCats CF Stanley Smith
    4. Ybor City Gold 2B Joseph Anderson
    5. Pompano 26° Tap & Brewery 2B Doug Whitbeck

    Day 3- Wednesday 3/17/21- 8pm est

    1. Schell's Stags CF Steven Prieto
    2. Seattle Orange IPAs SS Marvell Moore
    3. Nastro Azzurri P Lloyd Tate
    4. Tuskegee Heineken P Clifford Hartman
    5. Boulevard Long Strange Tripels LF Jose Scholl

    Day 4- Thursday 3/18/21- 8pm est

    1. St Louis Golden Lights 3B Seth Henson
    2. Good Nature ANNIEs P Paul Miller
    3. Guinness Blacks P Charles Horn
    4. Yuengling Lagerheads SS Thomas Chapman
    5. Berkshire Brewing Gold Spikes P Michael Slack

    Day 5- Friday 3/19/21- 8pm est

    1. Ybor City Gold C Micheal Zinke
    2. Shiner Bocks RF Matthew Harding
    3. Dallas Blondes C Pedro Valentino
    4. Rickard's Red SS Patrick Mizell

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    Re: 2106 Beer League Draft Active Day 1

    The 2106 Beer Draft is now Active. Picks are due daily by 8:00pm eastern standard time. Happy picking!

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    Re: 2106 Beer League Draft Active Day 1

    I’ll take C Gentry number 1

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    Re: 2106 Beer League Draft Active Day 2

    With the 6th over all pick in the draft, Big Bend selects RHP William Wentzel.

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    Re: 2106 Beer League Draft Active Day 2

    The Belters take P Dale Cano w/7th pick

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    Re: 2106 Beer League Draft Active Day 3

    The Stags choose CF Steven Prieto

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    Re: 2106 Beer League Draft Active Day 4

    Golden lights take ... Seth Henson 3B

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    Re: 2106 Beer League Draft Active Day 5

    At #21 Ybor City selects C Michael Zinke.

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    Re: 2106 Beer League Draft Active Day 5

    Shiner takes:

    Matthew Harding RF 20
    Beer League: Shiner Bocks
    Ranger Danger
    Historical Replay:
    Washington Senators/Texas Rangers
    Lawn Chair: Tiki Torches
    MLB ReMake:
    Boston Red Sox
    MLB Str8 8s:
    Cleveland Indians
    Star City Cosmonauts
    Negro League Tribute: Newark Eagles
    Pacific Coast League: Arkansas Travelers
    Peter Gammons Memorial: Monty Burns' Ringers
    Spring Training: West Plano Nutria

    Despite the high cost of living, it remains quite popular.


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