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    2084 saw Orange County find it's way back to the playoffs as expected. Also as expected the return was brief. Behind rookie Tony Duke Orange County took game one of it's divisional round playoff series then proceeded to lose the next 4.

    Speaking of Duke he was the main reason behind the turnaround. The rookie is expected to take home rookie of the year honors as well as the Cy young award. Duke led the league with 23 wins.

    Fellow rookie pitcher Clayton Fox also chipped in 15 wins. The two guys they replaced in the rotation won a total of 8 games last season.

    Pitching wasn't the only reason as rookie Brian Burke after a slow start looked like a potential all star by seasons end. Finishing with a line of .277-86R-75RBI-17HR-29 steals and 91 walks...

    The real heart and soul of the team though are the big 3 of Brooks, Bouno, and Wilson. Brooks led the way with an MVP type campaign. Highlighted by his 58 homers... While the other two chipped in all around solid seasons.

    Next season looks to be a crucial point for Orange County. As things go forward it will be increasingly difficult to keep this bunch together. Horace Brown is the only player expected to get a call up next season. But if things go as planned this will tack on another 15 wins to the regular season win total while potentially giving me the #2 starter needed to advance...

    Shortstop Scott Taylor could receive the call up but is likely going to spend another season in the lows. Current SS Tony James started out slow but finished strong. Heck James is an all star. I'm leaning more towards the overall lack of quality at the position in the division rather than James being an actual all star. He's an average player with average stats...

    Former #1 overall pick David Cannon could potentially move up as well but current 2B Morgan is likely to get one more season before becoming the first cap casualty for Orange County. This years #2 pick Harris Winkel is going to get a position change, possibly CF. The 2B position is loaded for Orange County in addition to Morgan and Cannon. Two guys that rotate at DH and the utility role Landa and Hall are also 2b.
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