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Thread: 2015 Playoffs Chatter

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    2015 Playoffs Chatter

    Congrats to the Copperheads on a gritty divisional series victory and comeback in game 7, rooting for them to take the title back to the Cy Young division.

    And to those of you still remaining, good luck in Round 2.
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    Re: 2015 Playoffs Chatter

    Copperheads survive and advance in another game 7. Flatland Stick will be fully rested. Gotta say, I’m not looking forward to facing Melvin Richardson. We’ll see if the veteran squad of Cub Run Copperheads have enough fight left in them to at least make it a good series.

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    Re: 2015 Playoffs Chatter

    That was short and sweet. You had nothing to fear from Richardson or any other Stick player!

    Congratulations on a great season and (perhaps) an even better World Series!

    You have a great team.
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