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Thread: Rough Timeline for Goat 5 Preparation

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    Rough Timeline for Goat 5 Preparation

    In February we will open up discussions for some changes, preference on light changes as I think the format is pretty solid overall. I'll try to get a yes or no commitment by Vashon but he still might not have an answer by that point. In such case some rule changes might be conditional based on his availability.
    Early April will see the setup of drafts through the same lotteries we always do. Looks like mak is up for the task of creating the draft spreadsheet again (thanks mak!)
    Target date to begin the draft is Friday April 16th unless a conflict emerges.

    This absolutely will be the last Goat that I'm responsible for. If someone else wishes to run a hypothetical Goat 6 contact me down the road and I'd be happy to help with the transition.

    Estimate right now is we will have 2-5 openings for new owners. If you have suggestions on possible good fits let me know. Thanks for sticking around and have pleasant holidays!
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    Re: Rough Timeline for Goat 5 Preparation

    Just bumping to reflect that I've already heard from a few people who likely would be good fits for the league, and thus have revised my openings estimate down. Still taking suggestions if you have them. Thanks.


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