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Thread: Dynasty MLB Rules Draft (Needs updating - open to suggestions)

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    Dynasty MLB Rules Draft (Needs updating - open to suggestions)

    MLB Rules

    Draft Eligibility

    A player becomes draft eligible during his senior season. This is determined either by age (being 23 years old) or by experience (becoming a senior in their fourth playing season).

    This means the maximum number of years a player can be in the NCAA is 6 (1 red-shirt, 1 gray-shirt, and 4 years of playing time).

    MLB Draft

    The MLB draft will take place each year during the postseason in a block format.

    The draft order will be determined by an 8 team Lotto Draft (Worst team gets 16%, best team gets 9% -- see more) and the final four picks will be playoff teams sorted by Win/Loss record (tiebreaker Div record, followed by head to head record). The draft will be a serpantine style draft (snake draft). The winningest team will get picks #12 and #13, for example.

    Each team typically will get 6 picks, but may get more or less through trading of picks. Picks can be traded up to two years in advance. For example, during the 2020 season, at the completion of the draft, managers can trade picks for the 2021 and 2022 MLB drafts, but before the draft can only trade 2020 and 2021 picks.You may pass on your Rd 4, 5 or 6 picks.

    The draft will be made up of the following players:

    • NCAA graduates: These players may be added to the teams AAA or MLB rosters.
    • 23 year old junior college and division II school graduates generated by the game and generated manually with 0xp.
    • Players who have reached the age of 23, regardless of their graduation status.
    • 17 Year Old High School Graduates: These players have the opportunity to reject their drafting by an MLB club and go to a college that has recruited them based upon their personality and the pick they were drafted at. An MLB team may only target one per year in any round.

    Drafted free agents will be assigned a rookie contract which begins immediately upon being assigned to the team. Players who meet these requirements but are not drafted may be signed during the offseason or mid-season as an UDFA, and will be able to be signed based on the normal contract guidelines.

    IMPORTANT: It is important for managers to look at the eligibility of Free Agent players so they do not sign players ineligible for the MLB. You can check the status of any MLB Eligible player here.

    MLB International Signing Period

    During the preseason, 12 international players / prospects will be eligible to be signed by an MLB club. Players must be signed for a minimum of twice their asked for salary in their initial season. This will occur during the preseason, and will occur through the in-game Free Agency Portal, with players labeled as PSFA eligible.

    Rule 5 Draft
    Coming Soon - This will not be implemented in the first year of Dynasty. The following rules are for demonstration purposes only and are not final.
    By April 15th in the season, managers will be required to choose 4 players between the age of 25-30 to be protected. All remaining players between the age of 25-30 will be opened to availability in the rule 5 draft and must be posted in the Rule 5 Draft Forum Thread.

    The same draft order from the previous mlb new-player draft will be applied, but managers will not be required to pick if they do not have the desire to. The draft will run a maximum of 3 rounds, or until no more managers desire to pick a player. A pick list of desired target will be delivered in a PM to the commissioners in May (in game), and the draft will run in a single block, with results announced within 72 hours of the deadline.

    MLB Roster

    MLB teams will have a “soft” salary cap of $75 million dollars to spend between their 25-man active roster and their minor league systems.

    • The 25-man roster will follow the player distribution guidelines of CSFBL (14 hitters, 11 pitchers).
    • Additionally players will be required to keep at least 7 hitters and 4 pitchers (up to a maximum of 15 total players) in their minor league system as injury replacements. Most players will be in AAA, but some International Free Agent Acquisitions, 17-y.o draftees, and 23-y.o. draftees who came from a Div. II school or Junior College will be eligible for development in the LMs.
    • Managers who fail to have these requirements met in their rosters will have players auto-added to the team by the comishes on 4/1 and whenever violations occur.
    • A "hard cap" of $80 Million will be implemented on 4/1 of every season. Some teams may incur cap penalties which could be subtracted from the $80M hard cap.

    Rookie Contracts and 5th-Year Extensions

    Initial Contracts for college draftees will be for a period of 4 years from the signing of the player to an MLB ballclub, regardless of whether or not they spend any time in the minor leagues. Initial contracts for 17 year old, highschool draftees will be for a period of 4 years from their major league debut, or will expire when they complete their 27 year old season, whichever is sooner.

    At the conclusion of the fourth year of every rookie contract, a player can opt out. If the player opts out of their contract, the team may “Franchise Tag” the player by doubling the salary for the fifth year of the contract. Player decisions will be decided by offseason Dice Rolls.

    Mid and Late Career Contracts

    At the conclusion of the Franchise tag season a team will be able to offer a new contract. They must offer double the base salary. Roughly 50% of these players will reject the offer and enter the FA market.

    Upon entering the FA market, all teams will be able to make bids on free agents via the in-game FA signing system. Each free agent will have their own preference in terms of contract length which will be established before the FA signing period begins and be available through the duration of the season for mid-season signings. With contract length, most players will have multiple options a team will choose from upon signing the player.

    A player’s personality will be used to determine the terms a player will sign for. Though very rare, some players will only sign 1 year contracts, others will only sign 5 yr contracts. Most players (roughly 75%) should sign anywhere from 3-5 year contracts, leaving it up to the team’s preference. For the rest of the players, the other options will be: [1 yr], [1 or 2 yrs], [1,2,or 3 yrs], [5 yrs], [4 or 5 yrs].

    No Trade Clauses and Penalties for Releasing Players

    No trade clauses will be determined for players based upon their salary (for the first year of a contract) and personality at the signing of their contract. They may not be traded for the duration of the contract. These will be noted on their google doc rosters.

    Players who make more than $5m dollars in their initial year may not be released. If the player is released, they will be subject to a cap space reduction of $1m for the duration of that year and a hard cap will be implemented. Managers will have 48 hours to comply before a commish takes over the team and drops players for them.

    Unless you are in cap trouble, please do not release your star players. If you release one of your best players without valid reasoning, a commissioner can reverse the decision and assign you back the player. This is simply to prevent star players from being cut for no reason.


    Trading may only occur in the MLB. Trading of draft picks (as covered in the MLB Draft section) is only allowed 2 drafts in advance.

    We will have a Trade Committee specifically assigned to review unfair and unbalanced trades. The committee can include non-commissioners. The following users are currently part of the trade committee:
    KingRat; SlickLaptop; AndreltonSimmons

    Trades will not need to be approved, but managers may challenge any trade to the Trade Committee. When a trade challenge is accepted by the Trade Committee (often takes multiple complaints) the following process will occur:

    • Each manager will be asked to justify their view of the trade.
    • The committee members will discuss the trade in private.
    • The committee members will vote to approve or veto the trade. A trade will be vetoed and over-turned only by greater than or equal to 75% of the committee agreeing on a decision

    If the challenge is initiated by, or includes a committee member in the trade, that member must recuse themself from the vote.

    Trades will not need to be approved, but managers may challenge any trade to the commish team. When a trade challenge is accepted by the commish team (often takes multiple complaints) the following process will occur:

    • Each manager will be asked to justify their view of the trade.
    • The commishes will discuss the trade in private.
    • The commishes will vote to approve or veto the trade. A trade will be vetoed and over-turned only by unanimous agreement from the commish team.

    If the challenge is initiated by, or includes a commish in the trade, that commish must recuse themself from the vote.

    Renaming Players

    Before the draft, a commissioner will likely create a variety of custom CSFBL players to better fit our league. While renames will be allowed upon request, some characters won't be renamable and your request could be rejected.

    Each manager may request one player with 0XP to be renamed each season, but must request the change before the season begins. Player’s cannot be named after real life players or celebrities, nor have gimmicky names.

    While this is a subjective field, final calls will be made by a renaming committee. Typically, this should include a minimum of two managers, including at least one commish. Non-commish members of the community may be invited to serve on this committee.Currently, the only user part of this committee is KingRat. PM to apply.


    Injuries will occur using a Google Sheets “Dice Roll” performed by a commissioner and be reported three times per year in “Injury Reports”. Injuries will be announced on the forum on or after the following sim dates:

    Managers will have 72 hours from announcement post to remove the injured player to AAA before a comish will take action to manually remove the player. It will be the managers responsibility to reinstate a player from the Injured List upon the end of the injury length announced. Managers who fail to follow these rules will be subject to various penalties including reduction of and loss of draft picks or removal from the league based upon the seriousness or repetitiveness of the violation at the discretion of the commissioners.

    Some injuries will come with a higher chance of reinjury.

    We are likely to temporarily change injured players names to include the word “Injured” in parenthesis. Ex: John Smith (INJURED)

    Anti Tanking Rules

    Definition of Tanking:

    In Dynasty, Tanking is intentionally losing games to better your draft position.
    1) Intentionally Tanking is prohibited in Dynasty. Clear examples of intentionally tanking are as follows:
    a) Storing key players with 0% seafat in AAA
    b) Putting your worst players into the lineup or rotation
    c) Trading ALL of your top players to achieve the worst team in the league.
    d) There are other forms of tanking not listed, ANY attempt to field a non-competitive team to get draft picks can be considered tanking.

    2) Some Commissioner discretion will be used in cases where tanking is observed. If you see a user Tanking their team, please report it to a Commissioner. If you have put your players into AAA and forgot to bring them back up -- this will be considered. Please be mindful if you are going to use AAA to rest players and bring them back up when they are at 0%.

    3) If Tanking is observed, the league will go on pause, and there will be an investigation into the matter. If the user has been deemed to be Tanking -- the user will receive the last pick in the upcoming Draft for ALL rounds. Second offense is subject to removal (commissioner discretion).

    NOTE: Rebuilding is encouraged, but there is a difference between Rebuilding and Tanking. If you are rebuilding your team, it is acceptable to trade your Star players, however -- you will still want to meet minimum win recommendations (see below)

    Minimum Win Recommendations

    Dynasty does not enforce or keep track of Minimum wins, however, if your team is consistently bad -- this might not be the right league for you.

    Win Requirements will be considered when investigating "Tanking" reports. Below is generally the level of competitiveness you should strive for.

    -You should win at least 65+ games/season

    3 Season Win %
    - For any 3 seasons, you should be winning at least 42% of your games
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    Re: Dynasty MLB Rules Draft (Needs updating - open to suggestions)

    75% of a 3-man trade committee...?
    Use the terms "regular season wins" with regards to draft lotto.
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