...Well the DieHards have finished their 51st season, and the Giants have been there for 42 of them, taking over another team in the 1989 season. Its been a long road and the league and the Giants have had their ups and downs.
...Right now we have just a handful of owners, and since it was asked whether we would be getting any new owners, I'll answer that question here, as I don't see that status changing anytime soon. Owners are in short supply. Check the Available Teams page and you'll see that a lot of leagues have folded(24 available team slots) and that there are a significant amount of teams short on owners still surviving to various degrees. We're hardly the only team in this condition. Some are better off, some worse.
... A merger might be the only way to add a significant number of owners. One or two is not going to make that much difference. It might be that we can find owners in a short-handed league to merge with us, , or join one. There would be changes either way.
...Or we can continue on as we are, for as long as we are able. Or concerned owners might canvas for new owners, maybe we'll gain a couple.
...Open to discussion on this topic and any practical ideas anyone might have. I have chosen the forum for this as any discussion on the topic of the league's survival concerns all of our teams and owners.
..I'll unpause the league Friday night, Nov 20th