I don't have an especially good feel for my new team yet, but I want to remake the team. Here are a few things that might lead to players being available in the coming preseason....

1) 34 yo LF John Siebert has had amazing years the last couple of seasons. During those two years, he hit an average of just over .300, had an OPS of 1.000+ in each while hitting 121 HR's... in just those two seasons.

I would normally likely play him until he drops dead of old age, but see the opportunity to put him up for bids to see what I can get for him that helps me remold the team.

2) Port Royal pitching... let's just say that it looks like someone had a fetish for southpaws. I see that I'm walking into a team with seven LH pitchers already with experience, plus another 25 yo rookie in LM's who could make it to the bigs. I really only need about half of them, so I see the opportunity to offer several of these up for bids as well. The others I'll probably keep as a starting point for my rebuild.

31 yo Gary Porter - 0.9M
30 yo Clyde Campbell - 3.8M
29 yo Duane Ambrosino - 1.9M
29 yo Bill Curtis - 1.1M
28 yo Charles Freeman - 1.2M

What do I need? Fielders... primarily middle infielders... or picks, of course, that I can turn into fielders.

Dave / Port Royal