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Thread: MLB Classic Draft 2155

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    MLB Classic Draft 2155

    Draft picks will be due at 10 pm EST. Each block will be 6 picks.

    Round 1

     Draft Order Drafted Player
    1GiantsPostedRF Edward Grogan
    2Blue JaysAutoSS Kelly Miller
    3PadresAutoCF Thomas Otero
    4ExposPMP Jerry Bentley
    5AngelsPMP Paul Martinez
    6DiamondbacksPMRF Robert Griffin
    7TigersPostedP Anthony Simpson
    8Red SoxAutoP Thomas Matthews
    9White SoxAuto3B David Jordan
    10BrewersPMP Brad Mifflin
    11OriolesAutoC James Hogan
    12NationalsAutoC Jerald Reyes
    13Dodgers P Sergio Charles
    14CubsAutoP Jeremy Hall
    15RedsPMSS John Parson
    16PhiliesAutoCF Marcus Garza
    17TwinsPMP Eugene Johnson
    18BravesAutoC Douglas Nixon
    19YankeesPostedP Oswaldo Walker
    20AthleticsAutoSS Armando Phelps
    21RaysAutoCF Daniel Lemos
    22MetsAutoLF Jeffrey Glenn
    23MarinersAutoP Paul Withrow
    24RangersPM2B Melvin Hunter

    Round 2
     Draft Order Drafted Player
    1GiantsPostedSS Matthew Koger
    2Blue JaysAuto3B Jim Coleman
    3PadresAuto1B Robert Cureton
    4ExposPMP David Lopez
    5AnglesAutoP Judson Washburn
    6DiamondbacksPMP James Cohen
    7TigersPMLF William Keller
    8Red SoxPMP James Bullock
    9White SoxAutoC Gary Pena
    10BrewersAutoCF Frank Burton
    11OriolesAutoP Harold Rhee
    12NationalsAutoP Edward Edwards
    13Dodgers 3B Gene Smith
    14CubsAutoP Scott Nagel
    15RedsPMCF Phillip Russel
    16PhilliesAuto2B Byron Hearn
    17TwinsPostedP Johnny Bolen
    18BravesAutoP Johnny Barlow
    19YankeesPMP James Bourgeois
    20AthleticsAutoP Jeffrey Gough
    21RaysAutoP Joshua Mclain
    22MetsAutoP Nathan Wilson
    23MarinersAutoRF Ruben Clayton
    24RangersPM2B Andrew Wilkerson
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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    P Anthony Simpson for Detroit.
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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    Will we slow down sims or pause to draft round 2 if needed?

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    Yes, tomorrow I will pause the sims for the draft
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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    Don't pause the draft!! :P

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    New York Yankees select:
    P - Oswaldo Walker

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    Pick 23 on trade block. Pm/offer. Pitching , bats ,range.

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    Due to the amount of auto picks and having to have the sims paused I'm going to do the 2nd round in 3 blocks of 8 picks, so adjust lists accordingly. I'll also let people know in their PMs.

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    SF will kick off the second round by selecting 20 yo SS Koger

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2155

    The Twins' 2nd round selection is p Johnny Bolen.


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