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Thread: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

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    GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    Hello All,
    For many of us GOAT 4 is over, although I realize that for several the hunt is still on. Will there be a GOAT 5? Are most of us still invited to join? I'm eager to know more.

    I didn't get to draft a full team but I had fun trying to keep my team competitive the best I could. I have been studying the GOAT 4 draft and current players in preparing myself for GOAT 5, I'm excited and eager.

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    Re: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    Goat 5 is in limbo because of Vashon's status. I think most returning players would agree that Vashon made Goat 2 and 3 the best version of this type of league possible. Everyone who finished the sprint is automatically invited back and I especially thank those of you who replaced other owners who drafted. I'll try reaching out to Vashon again in a week or two. Either way, don't expect Goat to return anytime soon: especially if Vashon isn't coming back to the game.

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    Re: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    As a participant in GOAT 2, 3, and 4, I personally did not feel much of a downtick in my enjoyment level in GOAT 4 as a result of any of the changes/compromises made due to Vashon's absence. Which isn't to say Vashon's services wouldn't be greatly appreciated, because they would. Things do seem to go smoother and there's less "paperwork"/overhead when his services are available. However, the compromises that were made in order to make GOAT 4 happen did not bother me in the least.

    I love the 10 year sprint format & would really like to do another one, even if we did have to make some changes in order to make it work for everyone. So I would be all for pressing on with GOAT 5 in some form or another.

    However, I understand that there is a lot of work behind the scenes for the commissioners and the people who make this league happen, particularly so in Vashon's absence, that may have taken the fun level down multiple notches for them. So I think I understand where you're coming from. But from my perspective, it made little difference in my enjoyment of the league.

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    Re: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    I'm in for G5
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    Re: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    Having not been in before GOAT 4, I don't really know the difference. I had fun and it was a challenge.
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    Re: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    Having gone through now G2, G3, and G4 I think I'm ready for a bit of a break. I know it's unlikely that G5 would be starting up before the new year at the earliest, but I would also 2nd what G said as far as the return of Vashon. I did not enjoy having to jump between multiple screens to figure out financials and other things.

    Anyway, great job to everyone that did make G4 run and congrats to the teams that did well.

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    Re: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    I am also in for Goat 5

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    Re: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    I think it's time for me to step aside and let a new owner give you guys a bigger challenge. I've loved the GOAT sprint format; it's provided some of the best competition and fun I've ever had on CSFBL. I think it was pretty clear, however, that the GOAT 4 version of myself was easily a level or two (or more) below what I used to give to this game and what made me among the elite CSFBL owners like the rest of you. My interests are just spread too widely these days to give CSFBL my all like I used to.

    I'm sure you guys will find a more than worthy replacement. Thanks for the great competition, guys.
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    Re: GOAT 5 - Too soon?

    GOAT 4 was my 1st so I didn't experience a difference outside of the totally new concept to me which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was probably a bit overwhelmed in the initial draft and suffered because of it. I would be happy to give it another try whenever the great people that run it are willing to put in the monumental effort. Mark me down as ready and waiting.
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