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Thread: 2012 Say Hey Draft

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    2012 Say Hey Draft

    BLOCK 1 DUE SUN 11-8 3 PM EST
    Chicago River Rats - P Calvin Martin POST
    Inland Empire 66ers - 3B Guy Moody AUTO
    San Francisco Transformers - 1B Reynaldo Davis LIST
    Groove City FunkShowBrothers - RF Cedrick Newman LIST
    Miyagi Do Crane Kickers - SS Kent Moreno AUTO
    Boston Atlantics - SS William Beard AUTO

    BLOCK 2 DUE MON 11-9 3 PM EST
    Electric City Trolley - P Johnnie Rodriguez LIST
    St. Louis Bums - LF Jeremy Stephens LIST
    Raleigh Rebels - CF Chester Woods AUTO
    Wisconsin Bombers - 2B David Childress AUTO
    Buenaventura Lakes Seminoles - RF Jeremy Robinson AUTO
    Ohio Legends - 2B Joseph Schroeder LIST

    BLOCK 3 DUE TUES 11-10 3 PM EST
    San Francisco Transformers - P Jerry Taylor LIST
    Delaware Surf - P Cory Hass LIST
    Detroit Buggs - 2B Robin Williams AUTO
    Albuquerque Apocalypse - C Yshawn Quintero LIST
    Scranton Beet Farmers - 2B Brian Whalen LIST
    Seattle Reign - LF Cyrus Mickey AUTO

    BLOCK 4 DUE WED 11-11 3 PM EST
    St. Louis Bums - P Sam Davis POST
    Long Island Dolphcats - P Adam Necaise POST
    High Point Hellbenders - SS Charlie Maisonet LIST
    Jacksonville Jumpy Frogs - 3B Dwayne Rogers LIST
    Constellation Cardinals - CF William Welborn AUTO
    San Francisco Transformers - P Gerald Cox LIST

    BLOCK 5 DUE THURS 11-12 3 PM EST
    Chicago River Rats - P Roy Denham AUTO
    Inland Empire 66ers - 2B Patrick Baker AUTO
    St. Louis Bums - CF Glenn Farrington LIST
    Groove City FunkShowBrothers - P James Haak AUTO
    Miyagi Do Crane Kickers - 3B William Love AUTO
    Boston Atlantics - P Robert Butts AUTO

    BLOCK 6 DUE FRI 11-13 3 PM EST
    Electric City Trolley - CF Teddy Jeremiah AUTO
    Milwaukee Braves - C Jonathan Taylor AUTO
    Raleigh Rebels - 1B Damian Contreras AUTO
    Wisconsin Bombers - SS John Bayless AUTO
    Buenaventura Lakes Seminoles - P Gary Lord AUTO
    Ohio Legends - LF Warren McGowan LIST

    BLOCK 7 DUE SAT 11-14 3 PM EST
    Dos Laredos Tecolotes - P Hector Watson AUTO
    San Francisco Transformers - SS Richard Brown LIST
    Detroit Buggs - SS James Schubert AUTO
    Albuquerque Apocalypse - P Maurice James LIST
    Scranton Beet Farmers - P Paul Gates AUTO
    Seattle Reign - C Ronald Hart AUTO

    BLOCK 8 DUE SUN 11-15 3 PM EST
    San Francisco Transformers - CF Paul Slaughter LIST
    Long Island Dolphcats - RF Richard Strong AUTO
    High Point Hellbenders - P Kevin Winter AUTO
    Jacksonville Jumpy Frogs - 2B Daekwon Wiseman LIST
    Constellation Cardinals - 1B Lennard Doud AUTO
    Dos Laredos Tecolotes - 1B Leo Guiman AUTO
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    Re: 2012 Say Hey Draft

    Rats will start the draft by selecting Calvin Martin - 21 yo pitcher- with the first pick

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    Re: 2012 Say Hey Draft

    With pick #19 STL Bums select P Sam Davis

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    Re: 2012 Say Hey Draft

    With pick#20, the Dolphcats select : Adam Necaise P

    I'm also looking for a CF, all trade offers are welcome.


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