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Thread: Batting Streaks and Seasonal Highs

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    Batting Streaks and Seasonal Highs

    I'm going to put this here, because ultimately, it is a feature request that I was able to accomplish using google sheets.

    Batting Streaks - number of games in a row that a player records > 0 of a stat
    Seasonal Highs - the most of a stat that a player gets in a season.

    How to use it
    You need a google account. Click the link above, go to File -> Make a Copy, name it whatever you'd like.

    In the BatStat sheet, put the teamid in B1 and the season/year in B2, then wait a bit. The BatStat sheet is the juice of the document.

    The Columns
    A through R will be the Batting Stats page.
    S through W is important, but mostly housekeeping. Getting the playerid is essential to allowing the Batting Log sheets (B1-B20) to populate.
    X through AI is the streaks information. If a player has zeroes in these fields, it is likely the player card hasn't populated yet, some patience may be required
    AK through end is the seasonal high information. For all of a player's games in the game log, the highest value for each category is displayed.

    B1-B20 Sheets
    These are the player card Batting Logs for the first 20 players on the Batting Stats page.

    I'm only doing this for the first 20 players on a team.
    I'm only doing this for one team and one season at a time. If you want to expand your copy, feel free, but i have had issues with google sheets and csfbl performance when asking for too much at a time.

    If you make any improvements or just want to share something that you think would improve this, please share!


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    Re: Batting Streaks and Seasonal Highs


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