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Thread: Broxton Memorial Award voting 2125

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    Broxton Memorial Award voting 2125

    Please vote for your choice to receive the Broxton Memorial Award 2120.

    The award is given to a member of the Remake community that has shown "Great Community Spirit and Sportsmanship". Slicklaptop has written an excellent post about the origins of the award and the owner it is named after, and you can read that post here.

    The nominations received for the four owners gave these specific reasons for nominations:

    TwoPint - Joined the committee at AA level and provided leadership there supporting the commissioner as well as in community-wide matters in the Remake Boardroom.

    Crimedog - Adding colour and interest to both AA and AAA with his entertaining posts about his teams. The nomination added: "It seems like he is a student applying his PR skills to a simulated baseball team, while using real life PR from real life amateur teams as a base for his work. This is getting close to a meta comment on the state of our society, if you ask me."

    Bobcat1018 - Recognizing his contributions to the Remake community over many real life years, as he decides to take a step away from Remake. Has been a commissioner at all levels as well as commissioner of the whole community, and put a lot of work into recruitment and bringing new ideas into Remake.

    SlickLaptop - Continued service as AA commissioner, as well as enhancing discussions on the forums and constantly working on recruitment and to improve Remake through new ideas. The nomination added: "Slick embodies everything that AA Remake should be about. He is quick to answer questions and concerns and has a teacher’s heart. He will always give you advice when asked. It is very clear that his intentions are to make every owner a better manager."

    These were just the comments made in the specific nominations, feel free to add your own commendations/discussions in this forum as you make or decide on your vote.
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    Re: Broxton Memorial Award voting 2125

    Vote in
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    Re: Broxton Memorial Award voting 2125

    Totally surprised to see my name there. Thanks to whoever nominated me.
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    Re: Broxton Memorial Award voting 2125

    I too appreciate whoever it was that thought anything I've posted merited recognition, especially compared to the other nominees.

    As to the nomination statement, I feel like a response is in order...

    "It seems like he..."

    "He" is correct!

    " a student..."

    If you mean a student currently enrolled at an institute of higher or other education, nope! That ship has already sailed. So far, in fact, that it can barely be seen on the horizon.

    "...applying his PR skills to a simulated baseball team..."

    I don't know that I have any PR skills other than an imaginative mind, but okay!

    "...while using real life PR from real life amateur teams as a base for his work."

    Some of the events the Promotions and Marketing Teams of my various franchises have come up with are directly based on promotions I've seen. Others existed purely in my mind. Which are which? Sometimes I can't tell myself. I will say though -- Back Hair Night was a real thing.

    "This is getting close to a meta comment on the state of our society, if you ask me."

    No clue what this means. I even looked "meta comment" up and I'm still not sure.

    Anyway, thank you again to whoever considered me worthy of a nomination!


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