And with a Game 160 loss to the Oklahoma Bison, thus ends one of the most statistically unusual seasons for your Pigtown Engineers. Despite being the only team in the Box Seats division with a positive run differential -- and the sixth best overall differential in the league -- the Engineers are packing up for the winter because they came up short in the most important statistic....winning games. They weren't alone; the team with the fourth best overall run differential (Dublin) is also sitting home because they didn't do well within their division. There were three teams with run differentials of over 200, and at the other end of the spectrum there were five teams with a triple-digit negative run differential....and four of them were in the same division.

But enough about that -- it's time to clear out the merchandise! Check the team website for deals on everything ranging from t-shirts to plush toys to drool bibs to leftover food from the last homestand! Also, remember the annual online auction for game-worn jerseys! All proceeds go toward the Pigtown Engineers Kids Charities. (Please note that for the jersey auction there will be a $10 upcharge if a winning bidder wants the jersey washed before getting it.)

"Pigtown Engineers Baseball -- All Aboard for the Off-Season!"