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Thread: Las Vegas is open for business

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    Las Vegas is open for business

    We are seeking to fill 3 specific needs.

    We'd like a ace starting pitcher, a center fielder, and we'd like a lead off hitter who can steal bases.

    Our draft is in play. We can discuss almost anyone in trade (we're flexible). We have guys at multiple positions that are starters on other teams. We have a couple of prospects in the minors we can discuss. Let's go!

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    Re: Las Vegas is open for business

    It's hard to start a business.
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    Furthermore, having a basic understanding of business, management, and marketing is essential. Of course, you can hire the people like who will do that for you. However, you will need strong capital for that. If you want specialists in predicting the future of your company, be ready to pay!
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    Re: Las Vegas is open for business

    For a city that thrives on tourism and large gatherings, the travel and capacity restrictions have been particularly challenging. But even when the casinos were closed, Las Vegas didn't entirely shut down. Let me remind you about the way this whole pandemic was treated in other places. For example, Illinois had 5 phases before reopening to businesses. At the moment all sectors of the economy have reopened with new health and hygiene practices permanently in place. Many businesses had to use the services of a factoring company in order to keep themselves running, and I believe they will have to continue doing so until things become clearer.
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