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Thread: Congrats to Binghamton!

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    Congrats to Binghamton!

    Orangecat, your team showed up in the playoffs, never going to a game 7. You also took down a very good team in You're In the Danger Zone for the World Series. Congrats to you!
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    Re: Congrats to Binghamton!

    Thanks! A 33rd straight winning season (and playoffs in 27 of the last 28) but had gone 17 straight seasons without a world title after nearly winning 5 in a row. This was an unlikely one as we had to beat 3 teams with 98+ wins to get it.

    Congrats to monty who has gotten the Danger Zone to at least the LCS for 8 years in a row.

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    Re: Congrats to Binghamton!

    Those are some insane runs. Congrats to both of your teams for a good showing!
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