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Thread: Deja Vu - Congrats Binopolis Classic Sox

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    Deja Vu - Congrats Binopolis Classic Sox

    Four years in a row - what a feat! Congrats gsabino.

    In other news, rumors are swirling that the Vernon Lakers will be changing their name to the Buffalo Bills...

    All kidding aside, there are 22 other teams that have not been in the finals for FOUR STRAIGHT SEASONS!! Well played guys!!
    Adirondack Admirals (Classic Prospects, 1987-2004, 2016-current) 1991, 2017
    Manchester Machine (Diamond Legends, 2009-current)
    New England Reign (Xtra Bases, 2092-current)
    Ontario Ocelots (MLB World, 2089-2102, 2118-current) 2091
    Hartford Harpoon (Prime Time Prospects, 1981-1988)
    Berkshire Blue Devils (E P, 1987-1998) 1994

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    Re: Deja Vu - Congrats Binopolis Classic Sox

    Thanks RW,

    I very happy, proud. There are a lot a very good managers and teams around.

    My core players are all around 30-32 yo. We need to battle hard again this next season. Hopefully, Holcomb can still drive our pitching squad (3 times CyA in 5 seasons). With 22 wins and 5 losses only in 32 playoff games, he now sits (not alone) in second place in the league (first is Lewis, former Binopolis player).

    We will need sooner or later to create another allstar squad. But at this time, we are hoping for best.

    Good luck all. A pleasure to play with you guys.
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    Binopolis Classic Sox(Classic Prospect) *day 1 WS Finalist 1981
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