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Thread: Pick for sale (#21)

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    Pick for sale (#21)

    Looking to swap my pick for a future pick, ideally. I screwed up and missed messing with my FOA this year and have just 1 point of scouting. Would consider moving for a player too, but future pick is my preference.

    I would also consider selling off, as it looks like we've finally hit the wall, but with the lack of scouting I am mostly interested in future picks. Will probably pursue that more aggressively next season when I'll actually be able to scout the draft. I've got solid high RA guys at 2B/SS/CF that are just 25-26, a couple solid offensive guys who aren't too old yet, and a good closer. The only untouchable guy is Batres. He's 38, but just 16 wins away from being the first pitcher to 300 wins in an Eh's uniform.
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    Re: Pick for sale (#21)

    Let's revisit this in the new season.

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    Re: Pick for sale (#21)

    Quote Originally Posted by buruxa View Post
    Let's revisit this in the new season.
    Certainly. I plan to be open for business. We proved unable to keep up with the competition in the division this year and with another year of decline on Sauer, Choi, Jenson, Grassick, and Batres, and nothing expected to be ready in the lows, I just don't see us being relevent next year.


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