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    Since CSFBL isn't tracking them, I thought I'd just leave this thread for anyone who sees something remarkable.

    For example, I noticed that Huskies starter James Barnes no-hit the defending champs over 10 innings

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    Re: Achievements!

    ...SO Cal Patriots' DH/SS Douglas McCray turned 37 this year. He has amassed 604 HR's. 1,535 Rbi and 1,256 Runs in 1,918 games. A .263 career average, .346 career OBA and a career .572 slugging average. He's a 3 time MVP, 7 time All-Star and has 4 Silver Slugger awards.
    ...What's really funny about this is that he has NO career achievements at all... Not a one.
    ..."Best 308 pound, 3 time cast off free agent SS I've ever seen, " said Joebaseball, owner/manager of the Patriots. "Never dreamed he would be this good when we signed him 12 seasons ago... He'll be with the team until he can no longer hold a bat..."

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    Re: Achievements!

    In a 5-0 victory against the Springfield Isotopes, SS/DH Douglas McCray hit a 3 run HR for his 2,000 hit. "He just keeps going," said joebaseball, owner/manager of the So Cal Patriots of the 38 year old McCray.


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