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Thread: A fond farewell

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    A fond farewell

    Hey all, I tried to add teams and I just have the interest in the game I once had. Coupled with a new career that will take a lot of my time I'm going to bow out after the upcoming season. That is unless you have a AA owner that deserves promotion. If I'm needed for the following season i'll move some parts and put the next owner in a good spot with additional picks and full scouting. Once I have the team set I'll pretty much just let it ride and make the draft picks.

    There are a lot of hard working players in this league and I hope you can cultivate a few to become commissioners because we're dying off little by little.

    Best in the future
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    Re: A fond farewell

    Sorry to see you go AGAIN bob.
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    Re: A fond farewell

    Good luck, Bob. Wishing you all the best.

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    Re: A fond farewell

    Bye bye!
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    Re: A fond farewell

    Thanks for all you've done for the Remake community Bob, sad to see you go
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    Re: A fond farewell

    Good luck in all your endeavors Bob!
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