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Thread: MLB Classic Draft 2154

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    MLB Classic Draft 2154

    Draft picks will be due at 10 pm EST. Each block will be 6 picks.

    Round 1

     Draft Order Drafted Player
    1GiantsAutoCF Manuel Fong
    2Red SoxPMSS Roger Sanchez
    3PadresAutoC James Newton
    4BravesPMP Pete Johnson
    5ExposPM2B Freddy Altman
    6PhilliesPMSS Herbert Soto
    7Dodgers P Brian Hanson
    8TigersAuto1B Steven McGinnis
    9Blue JaysAutoP Dennis Cole
    10OriolesAutoSS Alonzo Rivera
    11RangersPMSS Douglas Hern
    12AngelsAuto1B Donald Reyna
    13BrewersPostedP Aaron Levine
    14RaysAuto3B Adam Gordon
    15White SoxPMP Robert Schmidt
    16NationalsAutoCF Henry Coulter
    17TwinsAutoP Peter Cherry
    18DiamondbacksPMLF Matthew Davis
    19MetsPostedP Jeffrey Ramirez
    20CubsAutoCF Joseph Barnes
    21YankeesPMP David Martinez
    22AthleticsAutoP Christopher Freeman
    23MarinersPM2B Kenneth Chesser
    24RedsPMP Bradley Stanley

    Round 2
     Draft Order Drafted Player
    1GiantsPMP Louis Lawson
    2Red SoxPMRF Oscar Sasser
    3PadresAutoP Michael Smith
    4BravesAutoP Leonard Wyatt
    5ExposPM3B Guillermo Persaud
    6PhilliesPMP Stanley Cummings
    7Dodgers P John Murphy
    8TigersAutoRF Edward Wilson
    9Blue JaysAutoP Jeffrey Brunson
    10OriolesAuto2B Elmer Lawson
    11RangersAuto2B Norman Hatcher
    12AngelsAutoP Joseph Lemmons
    13BrewersAutoP Pete Muller
    14RaysAutoP Jose Davis
    15White SoxAuto3B Gary Cates
    16NationalsAutoP Luke Marshall
    17TwinsPM2B Laurence Mellon
    18DiamondbacksPMSS Kalif Roane
    19MetsAutoCF Alvin Brock
    20CubsAutoP Stephen Boykin
    21YankeesPMP Daniel Brown
    22AthleticsAutoLF Brady Miller
    23MarinersAutoP Victor King
    24RedsPMP Joseph Patton
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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2154

    Message to Orioles owner Arizona Cats: I cannot send you a message about your block being up as your inbox is full.

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2154

    message received thank you

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2154

    And Milwaukee pick is in
    In the 1st Round(13th Overall Pick)
    Milwaukee takes p-Aaron Levine

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2154

    mets take P Jeffrey Ramirez
    -Parce que j'ai le jeu, mes chiennes.
    -Translation; 'cause I got game *****es!

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2154

    Pick 23 in

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    Re: MLB Classic Draft 2154

    Too tired to set the draft list tonight, will do it tomorrow, then turn sims back to 8 a day.


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