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Thread: Conference / Division Renaming

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    Conference / Division Renaming

    This league has roots as a mentor league. The conferences and divisions were named for the mentors within each division.

    No disrespect to the founders of this league (none of whom are still with us), but proposing renaming the conferences and divisions to honor the franchises who have won the most games within their respective divisions over the last 10 seasons. These names would be re-evaluated every ten seasons, and updated as appropriate. Proposal is to keep in the theme of the original monikers. Thoughts?

    (Proposed conference names are just something to start the conversation, and of course not intended to offend anyone!)


    Jar O' Jelly conference
    andujar division
    jellyinsd division

    Rent Koller 4 Free! conference
    rentforfree2790 division
    jkoller division


    Bin O' New Halls conference
    rwnewhall division (Adirondack Admirals with 870 wins)
    gsabino division (Binopolis Classic Sox with 945 wins)

    B's & Bart's Boys conference
    bartoloboi division (Pleasant Gap Dreadnoughts with 939 wins)
    benmc division (Myrtle Beach Mermen with 868 wins)

    Narcan Nappers67615659787171849690733
    Adirondack Admirals819185877890891028780870
    Grand Prairie Meerkats82785991748895909080827
    Las Vegas Blackjacks88798193977484686879811
    Sandy Valley Cardinals92777458526875657474709
    UConn Blue Huskies82787785908966688469788
    Tacoma Stink Pots 9b p8t955438193897973496697725
    Binopolis Classic Sox78848790991121031039594945
    Montreal Expos73959465676274888681785
    Crawford Farm Reapers67767365626668707474695
    Maui Silverswords78748084867588777868788
    Washington Marauders87909378859886866761831
    Rocanville Tigers88839080899692959095898
    Latrobe Wildcats749598978910675878692899
    Winfield War Pigs89798282787675868689822
    Bellefonte Bravos71746477706273807588734
    Pleasant Gap Dreadnoughts8110210096101103110868278939
    Thunder Bay Whiskey Jacks69716677808180767176747
    Vernon Lakers6874627675555410990100763
    Myrtle Beach Mermen100808486747899849192868
    Montreal Royals99808176767584737480798
    Napinka Golden Eagles92919279806872656966774
    Warren County Warriors83898782818568756861779
    Boise Bearcats76767464706366547356672
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    Adirondack Admirals (Classic Prospects, 1987-2004, 2016-current) 1991, 2017
    Manchester Machine (Diamond Legends, 2009-current)
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    Re: Conference / Division Renaming

    Yeah I would be happy with that!

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    Re: Conference / Division Renaming

    Definitely. Get rid of those bums.

    We are all still alive.

    Stop by the classic league forum and say hey some time.

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    Re: Conference / Division Renaming

    I agree that it is time for a change. There are very few owners left from when the league started and even though I am one of them, I am not attached to the names. I think rwnewhall's idea is good one...the idea of getting the conference partially named after yourself for 10 seasons could provide incentive to build and keep the league competitive.


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