Texas has a handful of high-RA middle infielders who are all just about ready. Would be willing to deal one for an arm or some youth/picks. Check out my roster here, they're all over (active, aaa, & lm) so you'll have to look around a bit to find the one you like best.

We're also in the market for a TORP, preferably one that's 30 or younger. We have quite a few young talented hitters already at the active level, but also have some quality pieces in lm and picks to trade in the right deal. Roster here

Hit me up if you see any MI you like or if you have a TORP for me. Ideally, we'd kill two birds and you'd want some quality MI RA back for your TORP. Willing to make multiple deals if that's what's out there, though. Thanks, and best of luck to all this year.