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Thread: 2072 Preseason

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    2072 Preseason

    ...Its the start of a new season for the Die Hards, 2072. I unpaused the automatic pause function the PWTB bestow automatically upon our league, but am pausing it again after writing this to check responses to the 2071 World Series and see if anyone comes forth at all to respond to that pausing.
    ...As long as the remaining owners show interest in the continuation of the Die Hards, I'll keep it going. We'll finish out 2072 no matter what.
    ...I'll unpause it in a couple of days, and 2072 will be underway. In the meantime, comments and suggestions are welcome...

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    Re: 2072 Preseason

    I am indifferent towards this league. I'll stay to help you out but don't really have an opinion on whether you should keep it going or fold it. The lack of ownership is frustrating though.

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    Re: 2072 Preseason

    Tell me about it... The unexplained loss(es) of doaf in back to back seasons threw this league into disarray. Its unfair to the owners that have stuck around, loyal to their teams. While I can maintain a certain status quo, I am at a loss as to how to move forward. Appreciate your presence...

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    Re: 2072 Preseason

    I think all of the 2/day leagues are fading away, merging with one of them might be a way to continue but we'd lose all of our history unless we remained the "home" league. Not sure about most of the 4/day leagues.
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    Re: 2072 Preseason

    ...I have taken the league to 3/17/2072 and paused it again. Give any interested folk a chance to scope out the new crop of free agents. Couple of interesting ones...
    ...I am certainly open to the idea of a merge, whether we remain "home" or not. I believe most of our owned teams would give anyone a tussle, and I am more concerned with the present and potential future right now than the past.
    ...As a note: doaf's account has not been accessed since January of this year, yet he was dropped from the Snowmen's ownership just a month ago...If he or a person representing him did not access his account to drop the team, then who did????
    ...At any rate, I appreciate the postings here, and we'll take the present and the future 1 game at a time..(Unless its a doubleheader!)... thanks again...


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    Re: 2072 Preseason

    ,,,Season will be restarted on Thursday, the 17th...


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