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Thread: Washington Trade Block

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    Washington Trade Block

    Looking for Pitching, Power Bat, Picks/Prospects. Pretty flexible I know, but there are a lot of options for this team.

    C Spike Kitson - 34 years old, some power, pretty cheap, could be a throw in
    1B Emerson Hughes - 35 years old, one of the best OBP guys year after year, older but valuable to this team
    SS David Robinson - 31 year old 3X GG at SS. No bat. 2nd rounder or equivalent
    CF Ryan Grady - 31 year old consistent hitting, rangy CF. Late 1st/early 2nd or equivalent
    CF Tariq Johnson - 26 year old high BA, RA, GL. Late 1st/early 2nd or equivalent
    C Kenneth Flippen - 22 year old prospect. Should be good OBP/SP

    Washington also has all of their picks, starting at #21.
    Anyone else on the roster could be available for the right price as well.
    PM me!

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    Re: Washington Trade Block

    Lol, I got the Johnsons mixed up and wondered how you were going to deal with a guy who retired in 2015. Tariq is a young and promising player. I am skeptical about working with athletes who are already over 30. Even if they show great results for years, you will not be able to predict when he will start to get tired and slow down. Taking too young is also unprofitable because they are blinded by maximalism and ambitions. If you decide to try to make money through sports, and not trading on the advice of, as others do, you'll have to change athletes very often.
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