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Thread: Hello All - New Orlando owner

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    Hello All - New Orlando owner

    Hello my fellow All Star Gala owners,

    I am BigTweed and just took over the Orlando franchise. They've been renamed the Finland 4-Cylinder Fury. Don't ask me to explain. I've been playing CSFBL since 2002 - at various levels of intensity. My oldest team, Waco Spiders, is team ID#112 from Gamma League (#9). So I was playing before this current iteration of the game.

    Enough history. I know it's too late to be making trades. But going into next season I need to rebuild the army of rag-armed pitchers on this squad. I've got some big bats I'm willing to deal. Start looking over the roster and hit me up...if I don't hit you up first. Short term, going to see if I can get the team to hold on to a playoff spot.

    Looking for too many seasons,


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    Re: Hello All - New Orlando owner


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    Re: Hello All - New Orlando owner

    Welcome aboard, Buddy. Glad to have you.


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